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America’s Voice Education Fund Applauds ACLU SoCal Court Filing Highlighting Bombshell Report On Trump Administration Illegally Terminating TPS

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“‘Trump administration favored a predetermined political decision’ to end TPS”

Yesterday, litigators from the ACLU SoCal filed a letter to draw attention to new developments regarding Temporary Protected Status (TPS) in relation to the lawsuit Ramos v. Nielsen. The letter draws the court’s attention to the recent explosive Senate Foreign Relations Committee report released by Senate Democrats that reveals the Trump administration determined TPS terminations for political motivations.

Douglas Rivlin, Director of Communication for America’s Voice, applauded the filing, commenting:

The bombshell report adds an entirely new dimension onto the administration’s decision to end Temporary Protected Status despite the warnings it would undermine America’s national security and could lead to separation of U.S. citizen children from their families. The ACLU SoCal’s filing of the letter to the ninth circuit is important in shining a light on the outrageous — and probably illegal– behavior of this Administration.

The report makes clear that instead of listening to the advice of senior government officials, the administration prioritized Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign. Once again, Trump put his campaign in front of the U.S. economy, in front of our country’s national security, and most importantly, in front of the lives and well-being of hundreds of thousands of families and individuals with TPS, most of whom have lived here for decades and are integral members of our communities.

We hope the court takes this new development into account while determining the outcome of the case, which will have a profound impact on the lives and futures of TPS holders and the rest of the U.S.