​A week or so back, Politico reported that Rick Perry had reached out to Phoenix-area Sheriff Joe Arpaio, one of America's fiercest illegal-immigration foes and a constant innovator in the competitive field of Being a Total Dick. Continue »
An article by Julian Aguilar at Texas Tribune about Roxann Lara, a pregnant woman detained by Border Patrol agents, raises many more concerns about how that agency is complying with the Obama administration's new deportation policy. Continue »
We expect the immigration issue to come to the forefront of the GOP presidential nomination contest this weekend. Two notoriously anti-immigrant leaders, South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint and Rep. Steve King, will be questioning the candidates at at Tea Party event in South Carolina on Monday. Continue »
Imagination is the key tool missing in the political arena. Immigration policy, especially, suffers from a lack of creative solutions and imagined possibilities for a better future, not just for immigrants but for all of us. The undocumented population recently was estimated at approximately 12 million. Continue »
Texas Governor Rick Perry may believe that evolution is an unproven theory, doubt the scientific consensus on global warming and regard Social Security as what he called an "illegal Ponzi scheme." But on one major issue his views are grounded in reality: the need to help promising young immigrants... Continue »
As he enters the Republican presidential race, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is striking some red-meat notes on the subject of immigration. Border security, he says, is a federal responsibility -- and immigration reform will have to wait until the border is secured. Continue »
If House Democrats unexpectedly end up winning a jackpot of new seats in ruby red Texas, they might have some unlikely people to thank: the Republican-dominated Texas Legislature, GOP Rep. Joe Barton, and, oddly enough, newly announced GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry. Continue »
A scathing editorial today in the Washington Post blasts the Republican Party's "scare tactics" on border security and calls out Senator John Cornyn for trying "to have it both ways." The conclusion notes that by promoting "myths" about border security, "politicians perpetuate both a lie and the national disgrace... Continue »
Last week, Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE) created a firestorm when the agency unilaterally ended all of its Memorandum of Agreements (MOA) related to the Secure Communities (S-Comm) program. ICE announced that the program will be mandatory, and it has caused an intense backlash among immigration advocates. Continue »
Anyone who wondered why America's Voice gave Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) the "hypocrite of the year" award in January only had to watch his performance at last week's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the DREAM Act. His "performance" was filled with misinformation, cynicism and demagoguery. Continue »