ALABAMA'S immigration law, boasted Micky Hammon, an Alabama legislator and one of its co-authors, "attacks every aspect of an illegal immigrant's life. They will not stay in Alabama…This bill is designed to make it difficult for them to live here so they will deport themselves." Continue »
The House Economic Development and Tourism Committee on Thursday previewed new legislation that would help industry recruiters, but the committee also heard that the state's anti-immigration law is being used against them by other states. Continue »
The Texas law allowing some illegal immigrants to pay in-state college tuition rates, a flashpoint issue that helped doom Republican Gov. Rick Perry's campaign for president, is set to be tweaked Thursday to remind students they promised to seek legal status. Continue »
Supporters and opponents of Arizona's controversial immigration law are squaring off again after Democrats say they're working to repeal the measure. Dozens of protesters gathered at the state Capitol on Monday, carrying signs and shouting at each other as lawmakers on both sides discussed the 2010 law. Continue »
Democratic state lawmakers say they will seek to repeal parts of Georgia's tough new immigration enforcement law, complaining it is harming the state's $68.8 billion farming industry. But the chances of such a repeal passing this year are likely slim. Continue »
"This is a jobs bill," they said. "This is a jobs-creation bill for Americans," they said. Such were the arguments that Alabama Senator Scott Beason (R) and Rep. Micky Hammon (R) made last year before passing their notoriously anti-immigrant state law, HB 56. Continue »
On a humid, rainy winter morning on the outskirts of Charleston, Shirley Juarez is setting tables, laying out doormats and getting ready for another weekday lunch rush at El Chapin, a Central American restaurant here. It's a taste of home for the Guatemala native who came to the United... Continue »
It's unclear whether farmers in Georgia and Alabama will face a shortage of workers due to tough new laws targeting illegal immigration, but some producers said they have begun changing their plans for planting and harvesting this year's crops. Continue »
Students from several area colleges and universities will announce plans today to hold a week of events protesting Alabama's tough new immigration law. The events will run from Jan. 30 through Feb. 3 and should involve students from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Samford University, Birmingham-Southern College, the... Continue »
Federal inaction on comprehensive immigration reform has forced the issue on state and local leaders, but Arizona-style approaches are not the solution, a group of mayors was told Wednesday. Continue »