El jueves, el senador Rubio trató de tomar distancia del presunto nominado republicano Donald Trump, al decir “hoy estamos en una zona libre de Trump. Estoy trabajando en muchos otros asuntos”, mientras trataba de evadir toda discusión en torno a los comentarios en contra del juez Gonzalo Curiel. Cuando se le presionó aún más, respondió: “Yo no… Continue »

On Thursday, Sen. Rubio tried to create some safe space between him and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, “We’re in a Trump-free zone today. I’m working on a lot of other stuff,” while trying to evade any discussion of Trump’s comments against Judge Gonzalo Curiel. When pressed further, he replied “I didn’t see it, guys. I’m working… Continue »

This isn’t about tone, this is about a battle for the soul of America Despite the fact that Donald Trump’s comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel have been rightly criticized as “racist” by leaders from across the political spectrum, most Republican elected officials and candidates are continuing to support their presumptive nominee. So far among Senate… Continue »

It’s clear that Donald Trump is espousing an overtly racist vision for America. Trump says a U.S.-born judge cannot be unbiased due to his Mexican ancestry. He’s also casted doubts that Muslim judge could be fair to him. Having started his rise in the GOP as a “birther” — claiming the President was not born in America, he’s also… Continue »

Community Leaders from across Florida expressed their disappointment with Senator Marco Rubio’s latest betrayal of the Latino and immigration community, as well as their concern that the spread of Trump style racist, xenophobic, anti-Muslim, and misogynistic rhetoric would spur legislative, and even physical attacks on diverse communities. Rubio implicitly endorsed the presumptive Republican nominee last… Continue »

If Marco Rubio is still pondering his next move after his Senate term ends next year, we hear a position as a weather vane might available. This same man who once called Donald Trump a “con artist,” a “lunatic,” and “wholly unprepared to be President” has apparently pulled an about-face and has thrown his weight… Continue »

In a year where Florida politicians like Marco Rubio and Carlos Lopez-Cantera continue to embrace Trump’s extreme position on immigration, Republicans across the country should take note on Latino and immigrant community’s commitment to fight back anti-immigrant extremism. The Florida’s legislative session has come to a close, meaning that several pieces of anti-immigrant legislation have… Continue »

The headdesk moment of the Republican debate came thanks to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who spent most of the night attacking Donald Trump, then pledged to support him as the GOP’s nominee for President. John Kasich, who was a bit of an afterthought last night, also vowed to support him as the nominee. The endorsements from… Continue »

Carlos Lopez-Cantera Against DACA and DAPA in Florida

Senator Marco Rubio has taken a sharp rightward turn on immigration in order to put his own political ambitions over the interests of his constituents in Florida. In his quest to become the president of the “The New American Century,” Marco Rubio has shamelessly distanced himself from his 2013 immigration legislation, while simultaneously pledging to… Continue »

We’re honestly not sure what Marco Rubio is thinking these days. In the space of a few weeks, he’s gone from the Rubiobot, to bad late night comic, last Friday “joking” at a rally that the reason why Donald Trump has tweeted so many misspellings is because “he must have hired a foreign worker to do… Continue »