Another day, another set of stories articulating the fear present in the immigrant community following the Obama Administration’s decision to launch home raids against Central American refugees.  Fortunately, a growing number of leaders are speaking up and condemning this horrific tactic. Read on for excerpts from key English-Language clips yesterday and today. Next week, we’ll report on the latest from Spanish-language media which is… Continue »

Frank Sharry: “The way the Obama Administration is handling this is a huge mistake, from a policy, moral, and political perspective.” New York Times article by Liz Robbins, titled “Rumors of Immigration Raids Stoke Fear in New York,” captures how the Obama Administration’s home raids are causing panic and fear in the entire immigrant community:  “Across the region, immigrants… Continue »

Yesterday, dozens of demonstrators from multiple Bay Area immigrant and faith groups protested outside ICE’s San Francisco headquarters in response to recent immigration raids across the country. SF protest against new crackdown on Central American immigrants. On Day of Epiphany, We 3 Kings of Deportation… — Doug Sovern (@SovernNation) January 6, 2016 Grisel Ruiz… Continue »

On December 23, as I was beginning my holiday break, I, like so many of my colleagues, was stunned by the headline in the Washington Post: U.S. plans raids to deport families who surged across border. Raids? By the Obama Administration? Again? That news sent shock waves through immigration communities as we saw the White… Continue »

As ICE raids have targeted Central American refugees in numerous states over the past several days, city leaders are responding with pro-immigrant legislation and messages to allay widespread fears in the undocumented immigrant community. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, incoming Mayor Jim Kenney has signed an executive order “that rescinds the city’s participation in a controversial program set… Continue »

In response to the Obama Administration’s series of home raids aimed at arresting, detaining and deporting young mothers and their children back to Central America and the violence they fled in the first place, leading lawmakers are beginning to speak out to condemn the Administration’s actions. America’s Voice thanks the below lawmakers for their leadership and will… Continue »

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez expanded on his earlier statement denouncing the Central American deportation raids, adding that the raids “are not the Democratic Party’s solution to immigration questions, nor should it be America’s” during a House floor speech earlier today. According to the most recent reports, since the past weekend at least 121 adults and children… Continue »

Immigration champion Rep. Luis Gutiérrez has become the latest — and one of the most prominent — advocates to slam the Obama Administration’s controversial decision to raid the homes of refugee families and deport them back to violence in their home countries in Central America. The statement from Rep. Luis Gutiérrez’s office: The raids by the Obama Administration on families… Continue »

The Obama Administration’s decision to raid homes and deport Central American refugees fleeing violence and death has resulted in condemnation from immigrant rights advocates, community leaders, and legal experts from around the nation. According to the most recent reports, officials from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have detained at least 11 Central American families… Continue »

Frank Sharry: “Raids that terrorize communities, trample civil rights and separate families are something we would expect from a President Trump” The  following is a statement by Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice. It’s official.  The Obama Administration has begun home raids aimed at arresting, detaining and deporting young mothers and their children back… Continue »