In the Spanish-language media today, outrage over Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) programs, especially 287(g), continues to simmer. A new study on access to social services also receives coverage, and La Opinión scores an interview with immigrant-bashing California gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner. Continue »
Last week's Department of Homeland Security report criticizing the 287(g) immigration enforcement program continues to be a top story in the Spanish-language press, with outlets also covering the appointment of a Hispanic Archbishop of Los Angeles and the creation of a new anti-immigrant caucus in Congress. Continue »
Today, the Spanish-language press covers reactions to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report criticizing the 287(g) enforcement program. A new California poll shows Republican support for immigration reform, as activists gear up for demonstrations on April 10th. Continue »
Today, the Spanish-language media discusses the problems plaguing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), as a new story about detained Haitians adds to a rash of disturbing news about the agency. Meanwhile, local police need clear guidelines on how to treat undocumented immigrants. Continue »
Today, the Spanish-language media highlights yesterday's Supreme Court decision regarding lawyers' obligations to immigrant clients, the release of disabled detainees and a meeting at the Republican National Committee with immigration activists, among other stories. Continue »
As the scandal over leaked Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) memos continues to unfold in the Spanish-language press, leaders of grassroots organizations are calling for the firing of ICE director John Morton. Meanwhile, Republican support for immigration reform remains elusive, and eight states celebrate Cesar Chávez Day. Continue »
Today, the opinion pages of the Spanish-language press assess the prospects for immigration reform -- and note that more demonstrations are underway. Continue »
Lots happened over the weekend, so here’s a quick roundup of immigration news from around the interwebs. More March For America highlights: First and foremost: you just have to laugh (potentially out loud) at NPR’s take on the Roy Beck/Numbers USA mime incident: “SAGAL: It was an immigration throw... Continue »
The Spanish-language press covers demonstrations in California for immigration reform; reactions to the discovery of deportation quotas at ICE; and reviews of immigration-related appearances on Sunday talk shows. Continue »
The Spanish-language press leads today with the Arizona House of Representatives' passage of a bill that would criminalize undocumented immigrants, but the effects of last Sunday's March for America and other local events for immigration reform--including a protest outside Republican National Committee headquarters--continue to receive a significant amount of... Continue »