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‘Qué Pasa’ in Immigration: Obama Loses Latino Support; Visas and the Economy; CA Primary

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The Spanish-language press reports on a Gallup poll showing that President Barack Obama is growing less popular with Hispanic voters. A study on immigration and the economy, a press conference on immigration and crime, and primary elections in California also grab headlines.

Obama loses Latino support. EFE reports:

“In January, 69% of Hispanics (English- and Spanish-language respondents combined) approved of Obama’s job performance, but by May this support dropped to 57%…Among those who conducted the poll in Spanish, support for Obama has fallen from 73% to 52%.”

The AP quotes the pollster hypothesizing about the reason for the drop in support:

“The two biggest drops in Hispanic support for Obama this year—in February and in May—coincide with the two periods during which the President has been criticized for failing to promote comprehensive immigration reform in Congress.”