Last week House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) released what has been described by many as “a fearmongering video” that places the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) firmly within a photo montage of what The Hill describes as “President Hugo Chavez, a group of apparent jihadists burning an American flag, an explosion, a hooded man with a rocket launcher, and an image of the Pentagon from Sept. 11.” Yesterday, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) “decided to direct part of his vitriol at the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, calling both organizations separatist groups.” Really, gentlemen?

This week’s wire, by Nezua, TMC MediaWire Blogger, begins: “It’s no shock that those long-opposed to All Things Immigrant are using the Swine Flu outbreak�which has mostly affected Mexicans at this point�to ratchet anti-immigrant rhetoric up to an irresponsible level. It’s disappointing though, especially because the last few weeks saw more rational dialogue emerging in media coverage. This week’s Wire examines the voices talking about immigration both in the media and on the ground, from those recycling age-old “eliminationist” rhetoric to those who put their own bodies on the line to fight for inclusive justice.”

As usual, right-wing media is off blaming immigrants for everything wrong with the world. To recap: yes, swine flu is wreaking havoc in Mexico and has taken over a hundred lives there. Yes, it is a major disaster that needs to be tracked, treated, and contained – and our government is working to do that. But no, Michelle Malkin, this dreaded flu is not the fault of immigrants living in our nation.

Just when you thought the immigrant blame game couldn’t get more absurd, this, from Media Matters: “Limbaugh: Somali pirates have “entitlement mentality. I could have sworn they were originally Americans”; speculates ‘maybe they were illegal immigrants.'” Sounds like Rush needs to deal with his own entitlement issues before picking the speck out of his neighbor’s eye. That is, his feelings of entitlement to warp every major world news story into a “pin the tail on the immigrants” bash-fest.