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Senator Richard Burr and Governor McCrory Are With Trump

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Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, the leader of the GOP.  Previously, Senator Burr has stated he would support the Republican nominee no matter who it is. Now is the time for Senator Burr to let North Carolinians know if he is #withTrump?  Unless he follows the lead of Senator Ben Sasse and unequivocally denounces Trump and declares he will not support or vote for him, he is #WithTrump.

We already know Burr supports the Trump agenda on immigration. He voted multiple times to deport DREAMers when he voted to end the DACA program for DREAMers. He opposes DAPA, the policy that offers a modest step of protecting the parents of U.S. citizen children from being deported. Burr also voted against the common sense Senate immigration reform bill that passed by a bipartisan 68-32 margin, after playing a round of typical Washington games.

Not to be outdone by Senator Burr’s anti-immigrant positions, Governor McCrory is so enamored of Trump’s hateful rhetoric on immigration that he codified it into state law by signing HB 318 last October; legislation that has been widely condemned as hateful and an attempt to further marginalize an already vulnerable population. Governor McCrory was #withTrump before Trump was a thing.

“Trump has unleashed a new level of hate in America that is contrary to all that we value and aspire to as a nation,” said Timothy Eakins, Director of North Carolina’s Voice. “North Carolinians have a prime opportunity this election year to take a stand against hate and discrimination by rejecting all those who stand #withTrump.”