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Party Over Patriotism: McCrory and Burr Silent on Trump’s Attack on Gold Star Family

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In the fallout over Donald Trump’s disgraceful attacks on the Gold Star parents of a fallen war hero, one thing is notably absent: a response from both Governor McCrory and Senator Burr.

As Trump continues to insult Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the Muslim parents of Capt. Humayun Khan, all political leaders, regardless of their party, must condemn and disavow their support for such a shameful and un-American candidate.

Senator Burr had the perfect opportunity to disavow his support for Trump and stand up for veterans and their families when he cut the ribbon today at the 15th Annual North Carolina Defense and Economic Development Trade Show in Fayetteville. His silence on the issue is deeply concerning and shows that his allegiance to Donald Trump outweighs his appreciation of the heroism and sacrifices of our troops.

Governor McCrory, as the sitting governor of a state with over 775, 000 veterans, should be equally compelled to stand up for our fallen war heroes and their families. Yet again, his silence shows that he prioritizes party over patriotism.

“Governor McCrory and Senator Burr’s failures to stand up to this disgraceful attack on the Khan family is deeply concerning,” said Tim Eakins, Director of North Carolina’s Voice. “They have put their political interests above the interests of our nation and the values that countless soldiers have given their lives to defend. This election now transcends political parties and has become a fight to save America from the racism, bigotry, and misogyny of Donald Trump.”