GOP’s Embrace of Nativism and Extremism Repels Florida’s Changing Demographic Mix In a new piece for the New York Times, Julia Preston and Lizette Alvarez highlight what many Floridians, especially Latino voters, know to be true: a new generation of diverse voters is redefining the state’s political landscape. Chief among the... Continuar »
If Rubio Won’t Stand Up to Trump Now When Will He? Senator Rubio’s silence is deafening as Donald Trump doubles down on his “Machado Moment” and focuses the full energy of his campaign on disgusting, sexist, racist, and bullying attacks against Alicia Machado, a Latina, Miss Universe pageant winner.... Continuar »
In a new piece for the Tampa Bay Times, Jeremy Wallace puts a spotlight on Florida DREAMers’ disdain for Marco Rubio after years of his flip-flopping on immigration reform. Wallace recounts the trust that immigrants in Florida and around the nation placed in Rubio, trust that peaked as he spearheaded comprehensive... Continuar » **CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS AND FULL VIDEO FROM THE EVENT** (Artist rendering) Earlier this week, Florida’s Voice, For Florida’s Future, and other partner groups launched a clear message in 14-foot font to Florida motorists: Senator Marco Rubio is supporting the most bigoted, xenophobic, anti-Latino candidate in recent memory... Continuar »
Last night, community leaders, immigrant families, and allies gathered throughout battleground states to watch the first of three Presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In an election cycle dominated by racist rhetoric and bigotry, the two candidates have offered the starkest contrast on immigration in recent history – one of inclusion... Continuar »
***MEDIA ADVISORY*** TODAY, September 26 at 8 PM EST (See Below for Location Near You) Florida Organizations and Community Members Will Gather To Watch Clinton and Trump in First General Election Debate TODAY, September 26 at 8:00 PM EST, Florida organizations will gather across the state for dynamic discussions about what’s... Continuar »
Groups Call Out Senator’s Offensive Continued Support For A Trump Presidency On Monday, September 26, Florida’s Voice, For Florida’s Future and other partner groups plan to send a clear message in 14-foot font to Florida motorists: Senator Marco Rubio is supporting the most bigoted, xenophobic, anti-Latino candidate in... Continuar »
Donald Trump’s core and consistent immigration pledges are not just words on a teleprompter, but a real threat to thousands of Floridians, especially the nearly 50,000 who have temporary legal status under President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Beyond the personal toll on families and communities, studies show... Continuar »
Grassroots & labor activists continue to reject GOP attempts to vilify immigrants and play on economic and social fears for electoral gain. Leaders from across the Sunshine State firmly rejected Donald Trump’s latest attempt to vilify the undocumented community and pit American-born workers against immigrants. While many thought that... Continuar »
While Hispanic leaders in the Republican Party continue to withdraw their support from GOP nominee Donald Trump after his nativism-laced speech this week, Florida’s junior Senator Marco Rubio continues to stand by the man that former Jeb Bush advisor Sally Bradshaw has called a total narcissist, misogynist and a bigot.... Continuar »