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New Billboard In Rubio’s Backyard Highlights Senator’s Support For Offensive Campaign Of GOP Nominee Donald Trump

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Groups Call Out Senator’s Offensive Continued Support For A Trump Presidency


On Monday, September 26, Florida’s Voice, For Florida’s Future and other partner groups plan to send a clear message in 14-foot font to Florida motorists: Senator Marco Rubio is supporting the most bigoted, xenophobic, anti-Latino candidate in recent memory to be the next President of the United States.

The digital billboard ad, located directly next to the Palmetto Expressway exit for Rubio’s Miami Senate office, will run for four weeks, warning drivers about not only the danger of a Donald Trump presidency but the danger of the Florida Republican senator’s outspoken endorsement of Trump.

Recent polling in the state indicates that a majority of Latino voters are unaware (47%) that much of Rubio’s immigration position mirrors the GOP nominee and platform and that 58% would be deterred from giving him a second Senate term if they knew that he supported Donald Trump.

Nationally, Rubio remains one of a shrinking number of Republicans who has yet to find a statement or position from Trump that he finds disqualifying. His embrace of Trump is particularly worrisome from a Senator who represents a state as diverse as Florida. Trump’s litany of insults to the Latino community is almost as long as the list of lawsuits against him. He’s called immigrants from “all over” South and Latin America “killers and rapists”. He’s called for a “deportation force” to separate 11 million immigrants from their families. He said an American judge was unable to perform his job because he is “a Mexican” and given white supremacists a national bullhorn online.

Despite all this, Rubio has continued to be a top Trump surrogate on Capitol Hill and across Florida. At mostly Republican-only gatherings, Rubio has drummed up support on the campaign trail by telling Republican supporters they “have to make sure that Donald wins this election” and that it’s vitally important that the next two or three justices to the Supreme Court are chosen by Donald Trump.

WHO: Immigrant activists including Florida’s Voice, FLIC Votes, Center for Community Change Action (CCCA) and United Families

WHAT: Unveil New Billboard Highlighting Marco Rubio’s Support of Donald Trump

WHERE: South Florida AFL-CIO

4349 NW 36th St, Miami Springs, FL 33166

WHEN: Monday Sept 26th @ 10:15 A.M.