"This is a dramatic breakthrough that greatly improves the chances of enacting comprehensive immigration reform this year. It points to the fact that reform is good for workers, good for honest employers who are undercut by unscrupulous competitors, good for taxpayers, and good for the rule of law.... Continue »
Today the Immigration Policy Center brought together key economic experts to dispel the most stubborn myths surrounding immigrants and the economy. Immigration Impact's Andrea Nill explains why real immigration reform would benefit all Americans: "Moving forward with comprehensive immigration reform will ensure that all workers are here legally, will... Continue »
"Since the election, we have been stating our belief that President Obama would keep his campaign promise to tackle immigration reform during his first year. But critics and skeptics have argued that addressing immigration reform later this year would be impossible because of the down economy. Again,... Continue »
The report, The Obama Opportunity on Immigration Enforcement, finds that “the Bush Administration’s priorities for immigration enforcement led to missed opportunities to strengthen immigration enforcement, crackdown on unscrupulous employers, and secure the border. The Administration was distracted by a focus on garden variety immigration law violators rather than unscrupulous... Continue »