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Condoleeza Rice Says Big Regret Was Not Passing Immigration Reform

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Condoleeza RiceToday the Associated Press is reporting that former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice deeply regrets not getting an immigration overhaul done during the Bush administration:

“We need immigration reform. I don’t care if it’s for the person who crawls across the desert to earn $5 an hour, or for Sergey Brin, who came here from Russia and founded Google,” she said at an economic summit at Stanford University. “As a country, we can’t have people living in the shadows. It’s just wrong. It’s not only ineffective, it’s wrong.”

Rice went on to discuss why immigration reform is still crucial and relevant during a time of economic uncertaintly. According to the AP, “She said immigrants were critical to the country’s financial health, and that reform was needed to fuel the next round of economic growth.”

It does seem like we could probably use a little economic growth right now…

The piece continues:

“If we ever lose that and start to believe somehow that it is instead a threat to us to have those people come here, we are going to lose one of the strongest elements not only of our national wealth, but also of our national soul,” she said. “One of my biggest regrets was that we were not able to get immigration reform.”

Anyone else for keeping our national soul intact?

Moral of the story for the new Administration: better to get reform done early and well then regret it later.