An overhaul of the U.S. immigration laws has for years been a high priority for technology companies that say they need more H-1B visas and green-cards to hire high-skilled workers and keep the industry competitive on a global scale. Continue »
In recent months, some of the most anti-immigrant Members of Congress have been taking advantage of hard economic times to argue that blocking comprehensive immigration reform would somehow help the American worker. But a closer look at the voting records of these Members shows them to be some of... Continue »
The nation's 10% unemployment rate is feeding anti-immigrant sentiment, as Marcelo Ballvé reports for New America Media. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) critiqued President Barack Obama's recent jobs summit as "fatally flawed" because President Obama did not discuss wresting millions of jobs away from undocumented families. Smith's argument is flawed. Continue »
The Washington Post has a devastating feature today entitled, "Left behind: A child's burden," and subtitled, "An undesirable inheritance." In it, N.C. Aizenman reports on the diverse ways in which the U.S.-born kids of Hispanic immigrants are coping with poverty, as well as the fact that they are two... Continue »
The debate over legalizing farm workers has always been marked by the controversial question of labor conditions and migrants' lives, health and housing. But this time, labor organization and farmers are in agreement that passing an AgJOBS bill is a shared necessity. Continue »
Comprehensive immigration reform will create new taxpayers, raise new revenue, cut enforcement costs, and help our economy get back on its feet.
  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform pays for itself. Taxpayers benefit when everyone contributes fully.
  • By legalizing the undocumented and ensuring all employers are paying their full share of taxes,... Continue »
Comprehensive immigration reform would ensure that all workers are here legally, punish unscrupulous employers who undercut their honest competitors, and restore fairness to the labor market.
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We know that immigrant workers are a crucial, though often invisible, part of the American workforce. However, as we sit down to pumpkin pies with whipped cream on top this week, it's important to remember just how many American businesses --dairy farming firmly among them -- rely on immigrants... Continue »
Last week a dozen Republican U.S. Senators, all of whom oppose comprehensive immigration reform, sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, protesting a recent speech in which she said that immigration reform would help lift the wages of American workers and create a more level... Continue »
In announcing it will push for immigration reform in 2010, the Obama administration is right to make it clear that a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants is not negotiable. The United States has benefited from people who are here illegally - in the taxes they pay, the... Continue »