Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) has really thin skin. He just can't help himself and has to respond to any article that mentions him and/or immigration policy. These are not baseless allegations. Even well-known news columnist, Ruben Navarrette, called him out on it, writing that Lamar Smith "creates his... Continue »
Immigration has become a political hot potato, often prompting heated debate over border security, illegal workers, police responsibilities and other issues. But a conference this week at Wayne State University centered on how immigrants could be a major asset in helping Michigan to rebuild its tattered economy. Continue »
Bay Area labor unions demanded Wednesday that the Obama administration stop its increased practice of auditing business payrolls to check for illegal immigrant workers. Known as I-9 audits, investigators check the legal status of employees through the Social Security numbers and green card information the employees supplied to the... Continue »
If you are an unemployed American, Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas has a job waiting for you. We only need to find and deport the 7 million unauthorized immigrants who are now mowing lawns, scrubbing toilets, frying hamburgers, plucking chickens, slaughtering cattle and picking onions and lettuce across America. Continue »
Michigan has seen the results of what immigrants can do to help the economy through companies such as Meijer Inc., Masco Corp. and Dow Chemical Co., and should be attracting more immigrants who can repeat those successes, Gov. Rick Snyder said Monday. Continue »
America's economic future depends on the strength and innovative capacity of our people. We must make the American workforce the strongest in the world. That means educating and training our people. It also means ensuring we continue to bring to our shores those individuals with the skills, innovative capacity... Continue »
California Republicans are pushing a bill that would require employers to electronically verify the immigration status of potential hires, despite warnings from farmers that it will devastate their work force.The Legal Workforce Act is aimed at using a system known as E-Verify to prevent undocumented immigrants from taking jobs... Continue »
Rep. Elton Gallegly, whose ultimate goal is the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants, and his former colleague, JD Watts, continue their misleading cheerleading for E-Verify. They've got similar talking points, but both failed to mention the rotting fields in Georgia, thanks to a state E-Verify law. Continue »
As it turns out, undocumented workers aren't really big fans of being targeted while they're doing their job, and farmers aren't so keen on having their workers picked on either. As a result of anti-immigrant legislators passing legislation that scares off undocumented workers, farmers are suffering, and a multi-billion... Continue »
California— breadbasket to the world, the eighth largest economy, home to Hollywood and the Silicon Valley, may soon face an economic free fall and agricultural collapse because of legislation sponsored by California Republicans in Congress. Continue »