Yesterday, six Wisconsin leaders were arrested after protesting in the lobby of a hotel scheduled to host a press conference by Donald Trump today. Tonight, the remaining Republican Presidential candidates — Trump, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and Ohio Governor John Kasich — are also set to participate in a... Continue »
There’s some serious confusion going on over at SNL and NBC. Last weekend, the comedy show debuted a “Racists For Trump” ad calling out the radical, bigoted stances of many of his supporters. “He says what I’m thinking,” a pleasant-seeming woman in the skit smiles into the camera, at... Continue »
New Poll of Latino Voters Shows a Whopping 80% Have an Unfavorable Opinion of the GOP’s Presumptive Nominee  A new Washington Post/Univision poll of Latino voters show that if, as expected, GOP leadership fails stop the nomination of Donald Trump’s momentum, Republicans will suffer a staggering loss among Latinos in... Continue »
So much for “the Hispanics love me,” Donald Trump. The Republican candidate’s bigoted remarks already have him in the hole when it comes to the vital Latino voter demographic, with evidence showing he’s dragging down the GOP along with him (YUGE bad news when you need 47% of Latino voters in... Continue »
National Review, one of the country’s most prominent right-leaning publications, has gathered some of conservatism’s most prominent figures to take on Donald Trump. With the Iowa caucuses mere days away and Trump running neck-and-neck with former BFF Ted Cruz, it may be too little too late (also, where were... Continue »
On Tuesday, Iowa State University students protested Donald Trump’s campaign event on campus chanting “A vote for Trump is a vote for hate!” and “Love trumps hate.” U.S. Secret Service and Trump campaign officials escorted the group of students out. The ISU Daily captured photos and video of the protest. After... Continue »
Immigrants and Advocates Call on Senator to Stop Accepting Campaign Support Raised in Donald Trump’s Name Today, immigrants and advocates gathered at Senator Rob Portman’s (R-OH) campaign offices in Cleveland (Brecksville) and Columbus to deliver petitions calling on the Senator to reject all campaign funds raised in Donald Trump’s... Continue »
Today, immigrants and immigration advocates gathered at Sen. Rob Portman’s campaign offices in Cleveland and Columbus to deliver petitions calling on the him to reject all campaign funds raised in Donald Trump’s name. Why is @robportman accepting campaign support from sale of Trump merch? Ohioans want him to #dumptrump — tramontela... Continue »
The “Dump Trump” movement continues to go global. Following Donald Trump’s recent attacks against Muslims, a Dubai-based retailer has announced it will pull all Trump-branded items from 160 stores, which range from Kuwait, to the UAE, to Saudi Arabia, to Pakistan. “As one of the most popular home decor brands... Continue »
Over a half a million people asked Saturday Night Live to dump Donald Trump as host, but if you stomached this weekend’s show then you know Lorne Michaels went through with Trump’s appearance and the show was an utter disaster! After watching Trump on SNL, it was clear that the #RacismIsntFunny activists... Continue »