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Immigrants, Advocates Demand Sen. Rob Portman Stop Accepting Campaign Funds Raised In Trump’s Name

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Today, immigrants and immigration advocates gathered at Sen. Rob Portman’s campaign offices in Cleveland and Columbus to deliver petitions calling on the him to reject all campaign funds raised in Donald Trump’s name.

According to a recent report in Buzzfeed, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has been using Trump memorabilia to attract donors since early May. Among those campaigns benefiting from those donations is that of Senator Rob Portman.

Participants in the petition deliveries placed “I’m With Trump” stickers on the headquarters’ doors, challenging Sen. Portman and his staff to answer for the NRSC funds.

Campaign officials removed the sticker from the office door in Cleveland almost immediately.

Meanwhile, advocates delivering petitions in Columbus were not even allowed to pass through the door:

A video compilation of petition deliveries to both offices is available to watch below:

“It means nothing for Senator Portman to denounce racist remarks by Donald Trump if the Senator is going to then fundraise on his name and vote for him if he becomes the nominee,” said Lynn Tramonte, Director of Ohio’s Voice.

“For someone who is running to represent our state’s values, Senator Portman should know better and should correct this mistake now by rejecting any funds raised in Trump’s name.”