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Iowa State University Students Protest Donald Trump Event on Campus

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On Tuesday, Iowa State University students protested Donald Trump’s campaign event on campus chanting “A vote for Trump is a vote for hate!” and “Love trumps hate.”

U.S. Secret Service and Trump campaign officials escorted the group of students out.

The ISU Daily captured photos and video of the protest.

After the event, ISU Monica Diaz said, “Donald Trump is a hateful person, and we hoped that at least within our community the message would resonate that we, Mexicans, Muslims, etc., are your neighbors, friends, and colleagues, and we’re here in peace. It’s easy to scare people when they only have a vague idea of who we are but in this space we are real people and they can’t deny us,” said

Through these actions, I hope to bring attention to the fact that “a vote for Trump is a vote for hate.” Said Wesley Harris. “I participated in today’s non-violent direct action because it is my duty as a citizen of the world to confront and actively fight injustice.”

Last fall, ISU students led another protest against bigotry that made headlines when a Trump supporter ripped a peaceful demonstrator’s sign in half in an incident captured on video.

The Trump supporter, Shelby Mueller, later apologized to the ISU senior, Jovani Rubio, after the video went viral on social media, and was charged with fifth degree criminal mischief.