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Uber Says Nope To GOP Convention Partnership Deal

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GOP candidates have heaped tons of praise on ridesharing app Uber. But thanks to the rise of presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, the feeling isn’t mutual.

From Politico:

While Uber will serve as the official transportation provider for the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, offering an exclusive service that shuttles delegates and other top party officials around town, that perk won’t be available to the GOP because the two sides failed to reach a deal, the company told POLITICO.

“We’re continuing to work with the RNC staff very closely, as we have for the past six months, but we were never able to come to an agreement on an official partnership,” an Uber spokeswoman said.

Uber does plan to host policy lunches at both conventions as well as offer “rider lounges,” designated spaces where people waiting for rides can enjoy water, snacks and “information about what the company is doing around the world.” Ahead of both nominating events, Uber will do promotions that highlight neighborhoods and drivers in Cleveland and Philadelphia, too. Those attending the GOP and Democratic conventions will have access to regular Uber service in those cities.

But the lack of an Uber partnership for the Republican convention is another headache for GOP leaders, who have seen a number of companies decide to skip or scale back their participation with Trump as the presumptive nominee.

Uber joins Apple, Buzzfeed, HP, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Wells Fargo & Co., United Parcel Service Inc., Motorola Solutions Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Ford Motor Co., and Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. in announcing plans to opt out or scale back sponsorships of the event this year over Trump.

Even one of Cleveland’s top chefs recently announced that the presumptive nominee would not be allowed into any of his restaurants, which sit just feet away from the site of the convention.

With the event just days away, it’s definitely not the welcome Republicans were hoping for. But with scores of companies severing ties with the four-times-bankrupt businessman since his racist comments about Mexicans over a year ago, it should come as no surprise to them.

Here at America’s Voice we’ve launched a new web site, RepublicanNativistConvention.com, to keep track of each Republican governor, Senator, and Congressman who is publicly asked about his support for Trump’s candidacy, and refused to disavow him after his racist and incendiary remarks.