Right after I heard the Obama Administration’s deferred action guidelines, I went to the FAQ section on the USCIS website and searched for the word “travel.” As happy as I am about the fact that I will now be able to work and contribute to this country, I was... Continue »
Today was the launch of United We DREAM’s (UWD) national “We Own the DREAM/¡Unete Al Sueño!” campaign. UWD, along with national allies, held a press conference at the American Immigration Lawyers Association to discuss the new guidelines for deferred action and to assist eligible aspiring citizens with the application process.... Continue »
“No papers, no fear.” That is the slogan that is driving (so to speak) a group of undocumented immigrants and allies of different ages from Arizona to cities where there is heated anti-immigrant sentiment. The group is calling out the injustices toward immigrants that have been taking place throughout the... Continue »
Recently, I wrote about the psychological effects of being undocumented. Now, I wanted to know what other DREAMers were doing to create spaces where undocumented and undocuqueer folk could talk about their experiences. I was led to Imelda Plascencia, who, with the help of the DREAM Resource Center, created... Continue »
DREAMers, without a doubt, have transformed the immigrant movement in the U.S. The announcement that they will soon be able to obtain work permits will not only have implications in their own struggle for legalization but also in their role as leaders in the fight for the legalization of... Continue »
Hace poco escribí sobre los efectos psicológicos que experimento por ser indocumentada. Ahora quería saber lo que estaban haciendo otros jóvenes indocumentados para crear espacios donde los Soñadores puedan hablar de sus experiencias. Con la ayuda del DREAM Resource Center, Imelda Plascencia creó un grupo de consejería de Soñadores ... Continue »
Cuando se habla de los Soñadores, jóvenes que luchan por la reforma migratoria, típicamente se habla de su confianza, energía y de su extraordinaria capacidad para seguir sus sueños. Pero casi nunca se habla de los procesos psicológicos internos que muchas veces se esconden tras sus gritos de protesta... Continue »
El viernes 22 de junio de 2012 fui a la presentación del libro Undocumented and Unafraid, el segundo libro del UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education, que cuenta las historias de los Soñadores en sus propias voces. Kent Wong, el director del UCLA Downtown Labor Center, habló de... Continue »
The Obama administration is quietly halting some deportations of undocumented young people, after a memo in June that directed immigration officials to consider reprieve for students and would-be military members. Meanwhile, young people facing deportation are still forced to jump through hoops to stay in the United States.... Continue »