Alberto Yanez is a hard-working student, a committed young father, and an ambitious DREAMer. He came to the United States from Mexico in 1988 when he was just a year old. Raised in California, Yanez moved to Washington with his family after his junior year in high school. He... Continue »
On Wednesday, a flight is leaving for India and President Obama's immigration officials want Mandeep -- a DREAM Act student -- on it, despite the fact that she was once voted as "Most Likely to Save the World" by her peers at Los Altos High School in Mountain View. Continue »
We dedicate this post to the many DREAMers who are graduating from high school and college this spring. To those students: keep hope alive, and continue to inspire us all with your hard work and dedication to your dreams. Continue »
"Officially a Doctor of Law! This J.D. degree is for the DREAM movement. Victory will be ours!" César Vargas wrote on his Facebook wall this past weekend after receiving his law degree. Graduation ceremonies are held all throughout the country and among these students, who through immense effort are... Continue »
We want actions, not words. For nearly two decades I've called the United States of America my home. I emigrated from Ecuador with my family, grew up in Miami and attended public schools, where I was a high-achieving student who eventually made it to college. I am also an... Continue »
Today, DREAMer Tolu Olubunmi, would-be chemical engineer (if only she was allowed to practice her profession), spoke at a press conference reintroducing the DREAM Act with Senators Durbin (D-IL), Reid (D-NV) and Menendez (D-NJ), and was introduced by Durbin as someone whose "misfortune has been our good fortune"... Continue »
Prerna Lal is a J.D. Candidate at GW Law School, a writer at, and a Board Member at Immigration Equality. She's also a DREAMer. Continue »
This week we received some good news from our friends in Tennessee. The thousands of faxes we all sent to ICE, on Manolo's behalf, made a huge difference. Just hours before he would have deported, officials decided to reopen his case. Manolo recorded this video to say... Continue »
Since Christmas, Mario Aregullin has been sitting in a Georgia detention center. Though he's been in the United States since he was a baby, he was forced to spend Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's Day away from his family, friends, and his bride-to-be, Brandi. Continue »
Another day, another fight in the absence of a coherent federal immigration policy. This weekend, America's Voice learned the story of Mariano Cardoso Jr. of New Britain, Connecticut, a 22-year-old DREAMer who is stepping away from a life in the shadows to very publicly fight against his imminent deportation. Continue »