At 11 AM Eastern today, unlawfully appointed Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf will deliver the 2020 “State of the Homeland Address” (watch the livestream here).  Will he admit what DHS’s apolitical experts have recently assessed, that white supremacist-linked domestic terrorism is the biggest security threat facing America? Or, as... Continuar »
New engineering report finds border wall will fail, a reminder that it epitomizes  Trump’s presidency We have long characterized President Trump’s border wall obsession as the perfect encapsulation of his presidency – failing, corrupt, narcissistic, offensive, and unpopular. The recent charges against Steve Bannon and other leaders of the... Continuar »
Leading voices condemn Trump’s effort to encourage violence in desperate attempt to hold onto power A weak, failing, threatened and scared President Trump is openly encouraging  violence in a desperate attempt to scare voters and hold onto power. Leading observers are capturing the dangerous moment facing our democracy:  Dana... Continuar »
Strategic racism didn’t work in 2018. Let’s make sure it doesn’t work in 2020.   The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director at America’s Voice, taking stock of the latest political state of play: Much to the distress of Trump and the GOP, a powerful multiracial... Continuar »
The final night of the RNC convention was filled with dictatorial chest-thumping, deliberate disinformation, and coded racism and xenophobia. The evening featured speakers and videos desperately trying to define the sensible Biden-Harris immigration platform as “radical” along with futile efforts to paint Trump’s relentless cruelty towards immigrants as successful. ... Continuar »
It’s Always About What Works Best for Trump; Workers Be Damned Watch the new video at: Tonight, President Trump’s address at the RNC will look to stoke fears over immigrants and lawlessness. But a new video from America’s Voice offers a reminder that while Donald Trump attacks undocumented... Continuar »
Day two of the 2020 Republican National Convention was a night full of contradictions in regards to immigration policy. The same stream of racist rhetoric flowed throughout the event with new tricks to try to cover for this hateful rhetoric. Still, the central narrative of the convention was to... Continuar »
The naturalization ceremony part of last night’s RNC was a deeply cynical event, featuring the most anti-immigrant president in history attempting to obscure and paper over his relentless animosity toward immigrants and both undocumented and so-called “legal” immigration. A range of observers weighed in to condemn the cynicism on... Continuar »
The 2020 Republican National Convention did not shy away from the xenophobia, racism and dog-whistle politics that many predicted to be the inevitable narrative of the event. In the words of Frank Sharry, “after failing America on the pandemic, the economy and race relations, stoking fear of ‘the non-white... Continuar »
Mary Trump: “…the separating of children from their parents; the torture, the kidnapping, and the incarceration of them in cages, was unthinkable, unbearable”   One of the most morally abhorrent chapters in American history is the Trump administration’s policy to rip kids from their parents in hopes that the... Continuar »