Today, Department of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen announced that Donald Trump was sending National Guard troops to the border — reportedly in response to a story about undocumented immigrants on Fox News. Advocates, reporters, experts, and members of Congress slammed the decision over Twitter, pointing out that border crossings... Continuar »
He talks tough and beats his chest – just days after torpedoing a huge opportunity to enact significant border security legislation along with the Dream Act The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, in reaction to the Trump Administration announcement to deploy National Guard troops... Continuar »
With the unhinged President tweeting fact-free nonsense regarding border security and immigration policy, the Washington Post editorial board offers a searing indictment of Trump’s lies and offers up some good ol’ facts and insights. Read excerpts from the Washington Post editorial here and read the full piece here: President Trump’s... Continuar »
Frank Sharry: “Fear and loathing of the other is his core belief and his core strategy” President Trump continues to tweet, bluster, threaten and lie about border security and immigration policy multiple times a day. Just yesterday he threatened to send the U.S. military to the border, a move... Continuar »
“The impact of the DED status revocation starting next year is being felt here.” Delaware County, PA – A piece in Delco News lays out the extent to which the Trump Administration’s decision last week to terminate Liberia’s Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) has forced Delaware County families and immigrants to live in a... Continuar »
Due process be damned.  Once again, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is using his position as the nation’s top law enforcement officer to implement the Trump Administration’s anti-immigrant political agenda.  The Washington Post reports: The Trump administration will pressure U.S. immigration judges to process cases faster by establishing a quota system... Continuar »
Key Observers Agree: Trump Killed DACA, Torpedoed Solutions and Sounds “Divorced from Reality” Across the nation, key observers are highlighting how and why President Trump’s laughable attempts to blame Democrats for the demise of DACA is falling flat. Moreover, Trump’s decision to end DACA and torpedo every attempt at... Continuar »
Minneapolis, MN —Jared Goyette penned a moving, in-depth piece about a Minnesota family facing separation after the Trump Administration announced last week it would terminate Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) for thousands of Liberian immigrants currently protected under the program living in the United States. Magdalene Menyongaro, 48, came to the US from... Continuar »
A piece in National Catholic Reporter highlights the heartbreaking callousness of the Trump Administration’s March 27th announcement to end Deferred Enforced Departure (DED), a program providing work permits and protection from deportation to thousands of Liberian immigrants who have fled armed conflict and economic uncertainty in Liberia and, in many cases, have lived... Continuar »
Austin, TX – In a series of Twitter rants over the weekend, President Trump noted again that a DACA deal will not be happening as he continues to hold DACA-recipients hostage to his anti-immigrant agenda. As noted by Bloomberg’s Sahil Kapur today, “A sizable majority of Americans, especially Democrats... Continuar »