While Mexican President Felipe Calderón's visit to Washington continues to receive coverage, the Spanish-language press' attention was captured by the young girl who stole the show at a photo op for First Lady Michelle Obama by expressing fear for her undocumented mother. Various developments as Arizona counts down to... Continuar »
Anees Sous, the father of six US citizen children, has been living in the United States for over 27 years – that's over 27 years of paying taxes, putting his children through school, setting up his own business, and essentially doing what most immigrants come here to do: search... Continuar »
Update: Alonso is still facing deportation and needs his supporters to call Senators Cantwell and Murray asking them to introduce a private bill on his behalf. Continuar »
Jorge-Alonso Chehade came to the US from Peru eight years ago and is now being deported after Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested him when he and a friend accidentally crossed the Canadian border – an incident that happened because the two of them were trying not to violate traffic... Continuar »
Success! Herta will not be deported today, and ICE (the agency that decides deportation cases) received 9 inches of faxes in support of Herta remaining in America! The fact that ICE responded to an outpouring of support is fantastic news, and we are deeply relieved for Herta and her... Continuar »
Eight years ago, Herta Llusho came with her family to the US from Albania-- when she was just eleven years old. Herta's family came for the reason most immigrants do: in pursuit of the American dream. Today that dream has become a nightmare. Herta is due to present herself... Continuar »
"There is no greater case in recent memory that so accurately demonstrates the absurdity and injustice of our broken immigration system than the case of Walter Lara, a youth who's family traveled to the United States when he was just three years old. Walter earned a 4.7 GPA in... Continuar »