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Small Victory for Immigrant Youth—Urgent Action Still Needed to Stop Herta’s Deportation

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Note: I updated the title of this post to reflect the reality that this is one very small victory along the way to justice for Herta, and for all Dream Act youth. Please send a fax for Herta now!

Yesterday we joined SEIU, DreamActivist, and many, many voices to support a young honor roll student named Herta Llusho in her quest to remain in the country that she calls home.

Here’s an excerpt from an action email I received this morning from Walter Lara, the original Dream Act student who fought with SEIU to win a similar battle:

…Today, at 10:30 am, EST, Herta will present herself to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) field office in Detroit – where she will learn if she stays or if she will be deported.[…]

Already, thousands of people around the country have rallied for Herta, writing letters, asking that she be permitted to remain in the United States. 

I know Herta would not want us to let up, in fact she’s counting on us not to.

The news today is mixed. First the good news: Herta received what’s called an “order of supervision,” which allows her to stay in the country until November, and ICE (the agency that decides deportation cases) received 9 inches of faxes in support of Herta remaining in America!

The fact that ICE responded to an outpouring of support is fantastic news, and we are deeply relieved for Herta and her family. We were happy to be able to send a letter to DHS yesterday on Herta’s behalf, which blogger Kyledeb from Citizen Orange posted here.

But, as SEIU writes, it is not enough for ICE to simply delay Herta’s deportation until November. The Department of Homeland Security should immediately grant what’s called “deferred action” on her deportation.

Send a letter now!