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‘Qué Pasa’ in Immigration: Harvard Student Won’t Be Deported; 1070 Challenges; Secure Communities

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The Spanish-language press reports that undocumented Harvard student Eric Balderas will not be deported, and that the federal government plans to challenge Arizona law SB 1070. Meanwhile, local enforcement program Secure Communities continues to expand.

Harvard student won’t be deported. BBC Mundo reports that undocumented Harvard student Eric Balderas has successfully gotten his deportation suspended. La Opinión (Los Angeles) publishes an editorial on Balderas’ case.

1070 challenges. EFE reports that White House officials plan to travel to Phoenix to speak with Arizona authorities about SB 1070, as Univision.com files the latest in a series of reports that the federal government will file a challenge to the state law in federal court. The AP notes that Arizona governor Jan Brewer has filed an appeal to a federal judge to reject a challenge that has already been filed by the ACLU and other groups.