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Thousands of Emails and Calls Helped Delay Deportation of Anees Sous, Father of Six

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Anees Sous, the father of six US citizen children, has been living in the United States for over 27 years – that’s over 27 years of paying taxes, putting his children through school, setting up his own business, and essentially doing what most immigrants come here to do: search for the American dream.

But thanks to the thousands of emails and calls and extraordinary work of grassroots groups like DreamActivist.org, as well as the crucial support he received from Representative Conyers (D-MI), the Department of Homeland Security granted Anees an extra 30 days yesterday, so that they could review his case. Mohammed at DreamActivist.Org gives this update:

Just a day before Anees was set to be on a plane to Jordan he got word that ICE would be granting him a 30-day extension so that they can look into his case more. This small win is largely due to the support he was able to get from Congressman Conyers office, and the support of each of YOU.  Anees is eternally thankful to all of you and can’t wait for this extension to turn into a permanent fix.

Anees recently spoke at a Reform Immigration for American rally, where he introduced his family, telling the crowd that his children mean everything to him.  In his heartfelt narrative, he conveys how his dedication to his work stemmed from a desire to give his children an education, and his desire to commit to a country that could make his dreams possible. He says:

I came here to work and to contribute because here, it doesn’t matter who you are — it matters what can you do…this country has allowed me to achieve much, and I have tried to give back

Though he’s been given an extra month with his family and friends, his fight is still not over. Help put an end to his almost 30 years of battling with a broken immigration system.  Head to change.org and sign the petition so that Anees can stay in Michigan — so that his wife will have a husband, and so that his children will have a father.

To learn more about Anees and his campaign, visit his website, follow him on twitter, or join his facebook page.