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Why Deport Walter?

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Walter LaraI know what you’re thinking.

Who is this Walter kid, and why should I care that he’s scheduled to be deported this Fourth of July holiday?

Daily Kos blogger Gabacha puts it this way:

There is no greater case in recent memory that so accurately demonstrates the absurdity and injustice of our broken immigration system than the case of Walter Lara, a youth who’s family traveled to the United States when he was just three years old. Walter earned a 4.7 GPA in high school and later graduated from Miami-Dade Honors College in 2007, where he went on to pursue a career in computer technology.

But there’s a problem.

Walter, by no fault of his own, is an undocumented immigrant.

And now, Walter is set to be deported right after 4th of July weekend.

According to the Miami Herald, Walter is an ordinary American kid who wants to use his 3D animation skills to work at Pixar. He also happens to be stuck in our extraordinarily convoluted immigration system. Watch him tell his story at the recent National Dream Act Graduation in Washington, DC:


Walter is not alone. He is only one of 65,000 youth living in this country without legal status through no fault of their own, who are blocked from pursuing their dreams and giving back to the country they know and love. Under the umbrella of Dream Activist.org, they are fighting hard to bring awareness and greater justice to our nation’s broken laws — and to pass the Dream Act, which was re-introduced last spring and is sure to be a vital piece of the comprehenisve immigration reform package Congress is looking to move forward later this year.