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Arpaio’s Top Five Lame Excuses for Racial Profiling

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Arpaio meme book In court yesterday, the self-proclaimed “America’s Toughest Sheriff” ran from his record of terrorizing immigrant communities. Gone was the swagger, and under the light of overwhelming evidence, he tried to scramble away and evade responsibility for all of it.

1. “I don’t get involved in those operations. I’m not there on the street patrolling and making arrests.”

2. Arpaio blames his co-author, Len Sherman, for a statement in Arpaio’s book Joe’s Law. In the book, it’s written that Mexicans don’t come to the US with the same hopes and dreams as other immigrants, and that second/third generation Mexican-Americans are not part of the American “mainstream.” This was after deposition in which he said he didn’t need to read his own book because he’d written it himself

3. Asked to clarify his claim that immigrants were “dirty,” Arpaio says he only meant that immigrants who crossed the desert were dirty because of the trek

4. Apparently sick every time he takes the stand: “Arpaio took the stand shortly after 9:30 a.m. in front of a packed courtroom and complained that he was suffering from a touch of the flu.” Arpaio has come down with the same ailment in the past as he prepared to give sworn testimony

5. “We do not arrest people because of the color of their skin,” said Arpaio during the trial, though he has admitted in the past that he arrests “very few” non-Hispanics

Stay tuned here for more on Arpaio as the trial develops.