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WaPo Exposé on Trump’s Undocumented Workers: “They treated us like slaves”

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WaPo Exposé: “From Costa Rica to New Jersey, a pipeline of illegal workers for Trump goes back years”

In a stunning exposé for the Washington Post, Joshua Partlow, Nick Miroff, and David Fahrenthold tell the story of a network of dozens of undocumented workers from Costa Rica who came to work at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster. The workers report that they were exploited by managers and supervisors who knew their status and receiving low pay and no overtime. Now, undocumented workers are being purged by multiple Trump Organization properties. As one worker said of their treatment while working for the Trump Organization, “they treated us like slaves.”

According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

The depths of the President’s hypocrisy are laid bare. He publicly dehumanizes undocumented immigrants while privately profiting from their labor. He calls undocumented workers criminals while he and his family operate what seems to be a criminal enterprise to import, falsify documents and abuse undocumented workers. His son Eric claims to be conducting an audit while to many, the Trump Organization seems to be engaged in a coverup of unlawful behavior.

It is time for state and federal authorities to conduct a thorough investigation of the Trump Organization’s exploitative employment practices. It is time to protect the brave workers who have come forward to expose this unlawful behavior so that they are safe from the retribution of the nation’s most powerful family. It is time for Americans to stop looking away from the cruel fact that our nation benefits from the hard work of undocumented immigrants while refusing to extend to them the benefits of legal status and a path to citizenship. It is time for Congress and the executive branch to do what the majority of Americans want: allow national membership for those who are Americans in all but paperwork and slam the door on the routine exploitation of immigrant workers by two-faced, unscrupulous employers like the Trump family.

The piece is linked here.