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Lyin’ Ted Goes Racist in Latest Ad Against Immigrants

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Cruz Part Of Cookie-Cutter National GOP Ad-Campaign Demonizing Immigrants

AUSTIN, TX – Ted Cruz is running an inflammatory campaign ad that attempts to portray immigrants as violent criminals while pushing his anti-immigrant agenda. This is an update to another Cruz ad that first appeared this summer and is similar to other Republican ads this cycle appearing across the country. Attacks on immigrants have been a central theme for Republicans since the election of Donald Trump whose top aide, Stephen Miller, said anti-immigrant attacks would be the main thrust of the 2018 campaign. Cruz, modeling Trump and Miller, is bringing that GOP anti-immigrant strategy to Texas in order to attack his challenger, Rep. Beto O’Rourke. Similar racist ads were the centerpiece of Ed Gillespie’s campaign for Governor of Virginia last fall, which resulted in a backlash and larger than expected loss.

Mario Carrillo, Texas State Director of America’s Voice issued the following statement, “It seems that “Lyin’ Ted” has now also become “Xenophobic Ted” in his latest ad that attacks immigrants and goes against the value of inclusion that Texans hold dear. Cruz is adopting the 2018 GOP campaign strategy by maligning immigrants. These racist ads have no place in any campaigns, but are especially offensive in a majority-minority state with more than 10 million Latinos. Instead of running on issues that matter most to Texans, like health care, especially protections for pre-existing conditions, and education, Sen. Cruz has instead attempted to divide and distract us. He can’t defend his record so has gone down the hateful path set by President Trump and now followed by countless Republican candidates. Texans deserve better than this.”