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Immigration Reform “Office Hours” Week Thirteen

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Today, America’s Voice Education Fund and fellow immigration experts held the thirteenth in a series of weekly press briefings, or Immigration Reform “Office Hours.”  Each week, a different and diverse group of speakers shares the latest information on the players, politics, legislation and other developments in the debate in Washington and around the nation.

Moderated by Frank Sharry, Executive Director, America’s Voice Education Fund, today’s call featured Angie Kelley, Vice President for Immigration Policy and Advocacy, Center for American Progress; Simon Rosenberg, President, NDN and The New Policy Institute; and David Damore, Senior Analyst, Latino Decisions.

Today’s call included a discussion of the Gang of 8’s bipartisan immigration bill that was voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee this past week.  The bill -which passed with a bipartisan vote (13-5) – cleared the first official legislative hurdle for final passage in 2013.  After a robust debate featuring over 200 amendments—141 of which were adopted—the bill now heads to the Senate floor with the core provisions intact.  At the same time, a bipartisan group of lawmakers in the House continues to hash out the details of their own chamber’s bill.

At a time of deep partisan divides in Washington, immigration reform may be the one issue that can actually bring both parties together to enact a policy solution that benefits all.

The bottom line is this: with respect to immigration reform, the majority of Americans support it; Democrats want it; Republicans need it; and the immigration reform movement is prepared to deliver it.  This is history in the making.