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‘Trump Tariffs Solve Nothing, Make Problems Worse’ And Other Tweets

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Donald Trump announced yesterday, by tweet, that a 5% tariff on Mexican imports would be his latest move in attempting to stop central American refugees from coming to the U.S.-Mexico border. Experts pointed out that trade wars are not good for business, that the U.S. (especially Texas) is one of Mexico’s largest trading partners, that tariffs are just essentially taxes paid by Americans, and that Mexico cannot control the number of migrants leaving central America.

Advocates pointed out that this is the Trump Administration flailing: the White House has done everything from traumatically separating families to shutting down the government to declaring an illegal state of emergency to try and deter migrants from coming to the border, and none of them have come close to working. Meanwhile, experts have been pointing to the real, practical, and humane ways that the refugee crisis could be resolved. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for the Trump Administration to stop listening to the racist know-nothing that is Stephen Miller?

Below are some of our favorite tweets responding to the Trump tariffs: