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Taxing Americans To Get Mexico To Stop Central Americans:This Is What Flailing Looks Like

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Yesterday, the Trump administration announced its latest pathetic attempt to stop immigration: a gradually increasing tariff paid for by Americans on all Mexican products consumed by Americans with the childish hope that this will somehow strongarm Mexico into stemming the flow of Central Americans seeking safety in the U.S.  In what will be another failed attempt to curb migration and distract the American public from special counsel Robert Mueller’s comments on the Russia probe, President Trump puts the American economy at risk for the sake of his anti-immigrant agenda, threatening not only the lives of Central American refugees attempting to escape to safety, but the livelihood of Americans impacted by these tariffs.

Douglas Rivlin, Director of Communication for America’s Voice said: “The Trump administration continues flailing in a downward spiral of failed policies and cruelty. The proposed tariffs are just their latest stunt. Now he wants to tax Americans to force Mexico to stop migration from Central America. This is what flailing looks like. President Trump will go to any lengths, including undermining the American economy and attacking refugees in search of safety, and it is ultimately the American people who will pay the price. Yes, for every imported Mexican avocado you eat or American car you drive you will pay a tax for this outrageous policy that will do nothing to address the complex migration challenges. This is not about policy. It’s about Trump’s ego, Trump’s brand image, and Trump’s continued divide and distract strategy. Trump’s impulsive need to protect himself will simply make matters worse, not just for refugees in need of protection, but now too the American economy.”

The New York Times editorial board weighed in saying:

The immigrants entering the United States through the southern border are fleeing problems in Central America that are beyond the control of the Mexican government. Moreover, while Mr. Trump tends to refer to all of the immigrants as illegal, many of them are exercising a legal right to seek asylum.

Past administrations have sought cooperation from Mexico on immigration issues without disrupting economic relations between the two countries. Mr. Trump’s decision to mix the two issues threatens to undermine his efforts to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, which in turn is part of his strategy to compete with China.

…Once again, rather than acting strategically, Mr. Trump is lashing out — and Americans will feel the pain.