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New Video: From the Latino Vote in 2012 to Immigration Reform in 2013

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A new video from America’s Voice Education Fund, “From the Latino Vote in 2012 to Immigration Reform in 2013,” captures the Republican Party’s challenge with respect to Latino voters and the GOP’s need to push for immigration reform.

The video starts with Ronald Reagan arguing for “amnesty,” followed by Mitt Romney announcing hardline immigration positions that defined him early with Latino voters.  It depicts Election Night analysis by commentators highlighting the depths of the GOP’s Latino problem and concludes with post-election demands for action on immigration reform by GOP and conservative leaders.

According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice Education Fund:

The Republican Party’s lurch to the right on immigration has left it facing the real prospect of becoming a regional party.  As the video states and election results demonstrated regarding immigration reform: Americans want it, Democrats promised it and Republicans need it.  Now is the time to deliver.

Watch the video here: