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Here’s How Advocates Celebrated After the Committee Passage of the Dream & Promise Act

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Yesterday, the House Judiciary Committee approved the Dream and Promise Act, which would create permanent protections and a path to legalization and citizenship for Dreamers and TPS holders. The bill is one of the most significant pieces of pro-immigrant legislation to be voted on — and passed — in years, and many advocates across the country spent the day watching the progress of the bill through committee.

The Dream and Promise Act passed after more than eight hours of markup and many, many Republican poison-pill amendments which sought to link immigrants to all things bad in the world (Rep. Jayapal directly called them out on that at one point). When it did pass, Dreamers, TPS holders, and advocates took to Twitter to celebrate and note the achievement — and to thank members of Congress for introducing the bill, championing the bill, and standing up for immigrants in all sorts of ways during the hearing. Check out some of those celebration and thank you tweets, below:

(The bill goes to the House floor next. Please also head to our call-in tool to tell your member of Congress to support the Dream and Promise Act!)