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Listen to the “A is for America” Podcast with Maribel Hastings and David Torres

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On this week’s episode of “A is for America”, we spoke with America’s Voice en Español journalists Maribel Hastings and David Torres, who have been traveling the country speaking to new American voters in battleground districts and states. On the last leg of their tour, they traveled to Texas, met up with our Texas state director Mario Carrillo, and wrote about “Betomania”. Read their content here. (Interview begins at 9:00.)

This week, Donald Trump released one of his ugliest anti-immigrant ads yet while calling for an end to birthright citizenship. As we explained, the chaos he’s spreading is undeterred, unrestrained, and desperate — and it’s telling that Trump continues to try and divide Americans rather than uniting us in the wake of last week’s tragic attack on Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue. Brian Beutler pointed out that Republicans have stopped condemning Trump, while Adam Davidson reminds us that what Trump is after is a white ethnostate. And if Democrats win next week, we can’t let Trump get away with the lies he’ll be sure to tell.

“A is for America” is a podcast which tells the stories from the front lines of a changing America. Each week, we’ll be talking to advocates and experts working in immigration reform, immigrants’ rights, immigration politics, and the forefront of what it means to be a new American. Tune in next week for more.