His antics capture the increased radicalism and ridiculousness of the GOP’s xenophobia Washington, DC – Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX)’s re-election strategy appears to amount to a series of ugly, damaging and unhinged anti-immigrant publicity stunts that are obviously designed for political theater and are facing increasing blowback and... Continue »
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El debate en torno a la eliminación del Título 42, una ley sanitaria que expulsa migrantes que intentan solicitar asilo, salvo ciertas excepciones, es un capítulo más de la triste saga de la discusión migratoria en este país, que no se basa en soluciones, sino en explotar el tema... Continue »
Washington, D.C. – Today’s news about an inflation spike and larger household economic concerns underscores an important point. While Republicans’ politicized falsehoods and scare tactics about the border are in overdrive, their nativist economic policies and refusal to modernize our immigration system are having dire economic consequences for all... Continue »
10,000 Ukrainians Processed at Ports of Entry over Past Two Months, Most at Single Location Washington, DC – Separate from politicized bad faith Republican attacks on Title 42 and the border, the skepticism and concerns expressed by some other observers centers on worries about America’s capacity to manage an... Continue »
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Washington, DC – Republicans are going for broke on a midterm strategy that’s heavy on lies and fear mongering in response to the Biden administration’s decision to lift Title 42 restrictions in May and an expected increase this spring in apprehensions at the southern border. Some Democrats are concerned... Continue »
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Washington, DC – As Republican candidates and elected officials continue their shameless politicization, lies and ugliness around border policy and the decision to lift Title 42 restrictions, their cheap political talking points fall apart under scrutiny. While Republicans call for keeping Title 42 in place and push on Capitol... Continue »
Immigrants who help spark the economy are in short supply. Washington, DC – As Republicans go for broke on an anti-immigrant midterm strategy, this week brought fresh reminders about the economic consequences for all Americans of the GOP’s efforts to keep out and kick out immigrants, refugees, and asylum... Continue »