Courts, Congress and Candidates: Leaders Discuss the Latest Developments in the Immigration Debate and How it’s Playing on the 2016 Campaign Trail It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the immigration debate.  Between the ongoing legal battle over DAPA and expanded DACA in the courts; new Republican attempts to insert anti-immigrant measures into policy… Continue »

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott just let the cat out of the bag. Abbott has led the charge against President Obama’s 2014 immigration actions, with both DAPA and expanded DACA now on hold as the courts decide to whether or not let the programs go forward. Up until now, Abbott has been insisting that his… Continue »

New Talking Point Translator Tool from America’s Voice Uncovers the True Meaning Behind Some of the Most Popular GOP Soundbites  As the 2016 election cycle kicks into high gear, it’s clear that when it comes to immigration, the GOP field would much prefer to stick to vacuous soundbites than stake out actual policy positions. To… Continue »

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Senator John McCain offered a stark warning to fellow Republicans: We must address immigration reform “in a constructive fashion, or we do not win the 2016 election.” The comment comes following a tumultuous few weeks for Republican candidates vying for the White House in 2016. On Tuesday, Gov. Scott Walker earned condemnation from Democrats and… Continue »

¿Qué pasa con los 11 millones de inmigrantes indocumentados en Estados Unidos? Si se hace lo que él dice, sobrevendría el caos Washington, DC – Scott Walker se convirtió en noticia el lunes cuando trató de aclarar su posición en el tema migratorio –por tercera vez en seis semanas. Su veloz movimiento hacia la derecha… Continue »

The Nevada State Senate recently passed an unanimous resolution calling on Congress to work towards the passage of comprehensive immigration reform. As reported by the Reno Gazette-Journal, the resolution is non-binding document and is headed to the Nevada General Assembly for review: The measure seeks changes that would implement a guest worker program and create… Continue »

This week, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was honored at the Time 100 gala as one of the most 100 influential people in the world. Ramos delivered a passionate speech which paid tribute to immigrants — and DREAMers, in particular. “It is very difficult to be an immigrant because you have to leave everything,” Ramos, an… Continue »

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A bipartisan group of over 150 DAPA-eligible immigrant families, DACA students, and Latino business-owners rallied in Ohio today in support of expanded DACA and DAPA, two immigration programs that stand to protect millions of immigrant families from separation. Ohio is one of the 26 states currently suing the Obama Administration to stop expanded DACA and… Continue »