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NEW WEBSITE: What Do the GOP Immigration Talking Points Really Mean?

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New Talking Point Translator Tool from America’s Voice Uncovers the True Meaning Behind Some of the Most Popular GOP Soundbites 

As the 2016 election cycle kicks into high gear, it’s clear that when it comes to immigration, the GOP field would much prefer to stick to vacuous soundbites than stake out actual policy positions.

To help demystify some of the purposeful obfuscation, America’s Voice is releasing a new online talking point translator tool that explains what some of the most popular Republican soundbites mean in real policy terms and shines a spotlight on the candidates who use them.  Visit www.goptalkingpoints.com to learn more. 

This tool follows the release of a new online resource and political report, which documents each candidates’ immigration positioning and decodes the GOP talking points and their broader implications in further detail.

According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, “The 2016 Republican field is stuck between an anti-immigrant rock and a demographic hard place.  Vacuous talking points designed to say nothing but appear serious is not what the country wants, nor what the fastest groups of voters need.  This strategy of purposeful obfuscation will not only diminish GOP prospects in the 2016 election season, but it could hasten their demise as a Party heading into the future.  If they’re serious about being competitive in the general election, then they should stake out real policy positions that actually have a chance of fixing our nation’s dysfunctional immigration system and do so by dealing with the 11 million undocumented immigrants settled in America in a humane and dignified way.”