In his State of the Union Address, President Obama said that it makes “no sense to deport talented, responsible young people.” So then why are young DREAMers, like Mario Perez, still getting deported?

Good news in our ongoing coverage of the Emily Ruiz case: Emily Ruiz, the four-year-old US citizen who was separated from her parents and returned by U.S. immigration authorities to Guatemala, has finally made it back home and was reunited with her parents early this morning.

Four-year-old Emily Ruiz flew first class from Guatemala to the United States Wednesday for a tearful reunion with her mom, dad and younger brother. Immigration officers treated her like royalty, said her lawyer, David Sperling. After her plane landed in Florida, one officer called her the “princess of Miami,” he said.

Recent census numbers show a growing Hispanic population, but progressives in Congress want Democrats to understand that the huge growth is no guarantee of added political support. As a consequence, they are teaming up with a national coalition of Latino groups to pressure the Obama administration to stop deportation of illegal immigrants not facing criminal charges.

An announcement by immigration officials in Washington on Monday that they were delaying decisions on some immigration cases involving gay couples led to a surge of expectations among gay advocates that the Obama administration had taken a small but significant step toward recognizing same-sex marriage.

In Texas, the Republican Party is changing its tactics on illegal immigration. The relatively welcoming, tolerant attitude embraced by George W. Bush when he was governor is waning. It has been overtaken by a flood of Arizona-style get-tough measures, with nearly 100 immigration bills written or filed.

Legislation targeting illegal immigrants in Mississippi died quietly at the Capitol this week along with a slew of related measures that failed to make it out by deadline. The bill that drew the most buzz – modeled after an Arizona law that gives law enforcement the authority to check the immigration status of people they suspect are in the country illegally – never made it out of a negotiating committee.

After much grief and outrage, Emily Ruiz, the four-year-old US citizen who was deported to Guatemala, is on her way back to Long Island to be reunited with her family.

Varios medios reportaron hoy sobre otra reunión en la Casa Blanca sobre la reforma migratoria  y qué hacer para cambiar “el tono” del debate y alzar las diferentes voces en nuestra comunidad para destacar el tema. La primera fue con líderes cívicos, empresariales, religiosos, y sindicalistas y ahora, como muchos medios reportan, con “las celebridades” o el… Continue »

Congratulations are in order as good news came through yesterday for bi-national same-sex couples.