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Tell DHS to Stop the Deportation of Texas Dreamer, Mario

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mario perezIn his State of the Union Address, President Obama said that it makes “no sense to deport talented, responsible young people.”

So then why are young DREAMers, like Mario Perez, still getting deported?

Mario came to the attention of ICE through a traffic violation, and though he has no record of criminal activity, an immigration judge ordered earlier this month that Mario be removed from the United States.

Like many other undocumented youth in this county, Mario did not know he was undocumented until he applied to college and learned that he did not have a social security card. Currently a senior who is majoring in math and statistics at Stephen F. Austin State University, Mario is a proud member of the legendary Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, has contributed more than 1,400 hours to community service, and plans on pursuing a career in engineering; however, his dreams could be dashed as soon as April 5th unless we urge that his request for Deferred Action be immediately granted.

Organizers are working around the clock in Texas trying to stop Mario’s deportation—but DHS officials won’t budge. Though we’ve seen this before, we’ve also seen what can happen when thousands of activists throw their support behind young DREAMers who only wish to give back to the country they know as home. It’s imperative that the Department of Homeland Security and the White House recognize Mario as one such individual, and that he has the backing of thousands of Americans who think that he should be allowed to stay.

That said, please send a message to DHS and ask that they stop his deportation. Fewer deffered action requests have been granted under the Obama Administration than were granted under the previous Bush Administration, and it is time for that to change.