The secretary of homeland security, Janet Napolitano, called on Congress to pass a bill granting legal status to many thousands of illegal immigrant students, saying it would help immigration authorities focus their resources on deporting dangerous criminals. Continue »
Legislation carving a path to legal residency for thousands of illegal immigrant students will hit the House floor next week, according to a leading Democratic supporter. Continue »
Young people and Members of Congress gathered on Capitol Hill yesterday to tell their personal stories and urge Congress to support the DREAM Act. Cesar Vargas, Michelle Rodriguez, and Michael Nazario shared why they want to serve our country - their country - through military service. Rep. Joe Crowley... Continue »
Senate Republicans have announced that they will block consideration of any legislation until votes are held on tax cuts and legislation to fund the government. The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America's Voice, in response: "The news that Senate Republicans are banding together... Continue »
Yesterday, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said that the Democrats are playing politics with the immigration issue "promising things that they're never going to deliver, knowing they're not going to deliver"—apparently referencing the upcoming DREAM Act debate in Congress. Let's rewind a little. Continue »
After spending a night in jail, 16 college students and community activists continued pushing for passage of a youth immigration measure Tuesday, holding rallies and vigils and continuing a three-week hunger strike to ratchet up pressure on lawmakers. Continue »
Michelle Rodriguez, who turns 24 in a few days, has wanted to be a Marine ever since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, when she was in ninth grade. Continue »
Last night, in an effort to garner bipartisan support - and get this thing passed - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid introduced a new version of the DREAM Act bill. The new version makes compromises in response to the complaints many (mostly Republican) Senators had about the original bill.... Continue »
A group of young undocumented immigrants gathered Tuesday at a military recruiting center in the U.S. capital, offering to serve as volunteers in the military of the country they grew up in. "This is our country, the country we love," 21-year-old Lizardo Bujelet told Efe. "All we ask is... Continue »