The final state to ratify the 14th Amendment was Ohio -- in September 2003. Continue »
President Barack Obama is signing a bill Friday to put more agents and equipment along the Mexican border. Continue »
Anti-immigrant forces have adeptly shaped the ongoing immigration debate into an issue of crime and punishment. Now, the pending passage of a $600 million border security bill could breathe new life into the narrative of the criminal immigrant – despite the increasing safety of our border communities. The sentiment is... Continue »
The latest craze in the immigrant-bashing fad is the drive to deny citizenship to U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants -- never mind what the 14th amendment says. Continue »
Former GOP presidential contender and potential 2012 candidate Mike Huckabee said Wednesday that he does not support a repeal of the 14th Amendment. Continue »
It was stunning to see a senior senator declare, "I'm not sure exactly what the drafters of the 14th Amendment had in mind, but I doubt it was that somebody could fly in from Brazil and have a child and fly back home with that child, and that child... Continue »
The Pew Hispanic Center, which conducts stellar research on everything from health care to religion, released a report today quantifying just how many children are born in the U.S. to illegal immigrants. Continue »
Tres recientes sondeos demuestran el impacto que el tema migratorio tendría sobre las contiendas electorales de este año Washington, D.C. – Un nuevo resumen de tres sondeos de opinión entre votantes latinos, resalta cómo el debate migratorio está influyendo en el involucramiento político de este grupo de electores rumbo a los... Continue »
You helped keep Marlen with her family -- now send a fax to stop Ivan from being separated from his father and fiancee. Continue »
In May, my mother and I were picked up in an immigration raid in our home. I was told that in 2002, when I was just 12, I missed a court date at which I was ordered removed from this country. I've been in detention for three months, now,... Continue »