The Spanish-language press continues to write editorials and op-ed columns attacking the newly-passed Arizona state law SB 1070, which criminalizes undocumented immigrants, joining the outcry of the international community. Other outlets explore the economic impact of the law on the state.

Phoenix Mayor, Phil Gordon, and Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, are condemning Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s move on Friday to sign the controversial SB 1070 into law. Gordon’s primary focus is on the adverse implications this bill will have on community safety. By diverting police attention from capturing dangerous criminals to rounding up immigrants (and Latinos who leave their wallets at home), this bill has the alarming ability to alienate a population that would otherwise be helpful in reporting and reducing real crime.

The Spanish-language media focuses on the passage of Arizona state law SB 1070, which criminalizes undocumented immigrants, and its immediate effects: a boycott of Arizona businesses andrenewed calls for comprehensive immigration reform.

Senator Lindsey Graham has been truly courageous in working with Democrats on both comprehensive immigration reform and climate change legislation. He has seemed deeply committed to both. But now he is threatening to derail climate change because he’s angry that Democrats are promising to move immigration reform, too. Yesterday he called the Democrats’ commitment to advance immigration reform “a cynical political ploy.” What’s going on here?

Meghan McCain says what her father should have said on SB1070:

Let me say upfront that I do not support the bill that was signed by Governor Jan Brewer.

So, let’s review. The President and Democratic leaders do what Senator Graham asks of them. They embrace a bipartisan framework drafted by Graham and similar to bills championed by McCain and Kyl in the past. All of this is being done in the name of securing additional Republican support and preparing for a legislative debate… and now, Senator Graham accuses the Democrats of playing politics with the immigration?

25/04/10 a 5:26pm Washington, D.C. – El senador republicano de Carolina del Sur, Lindsey Graham, ha demostrado valor al trabajar con los demócratas en medidas de reforma migratoria y cambio climático. Se ha mostrado verdaderamente comprometido con ambos temas. Pero ahora está amenazando con desviar la legislación sobre cambio climático molesto porque los demócratas están… Continue »

But she did sign Arizon’a harshest profiling bill yet, S.B. 1070, into law today. So, why is she telling cops to profile people based on “reasonable suspicion” they could be undocumented, if she doesn’t know what that looks like? Watch it.

America’s Voice is disappointed and outraged by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s decision to sign into law a highly punitive bill that puts a target on the backs of all Latinos in Arizona and does nothing to solve the state’s, and the nation’s, pressing immigration problem. It will breed chaos on the ground, destroy community policing, cost Arizona taxpayers millions, and fail to restore control and order to the broken immigration system. Today is a sad day for Arizona and the nation. The Governor’s action only points to the urgent need for the federal government to step up and enact comprehensive immigration reform.

Despite all of the news coming out of Arizona and Republicans hoping to score political points with the harshest anti-immigrant bill in the country, other conservatives from around the country are beginning to step up to show that comprehensive immigration reform is in fact the right thing to do for their party and their country. The stakes in their fight against politicians like Russell Pearce and Tom Tancredo are high: will the Republican Party shut out the nation’s fastest-growing voter bloc by demagoguing immigrants, or welcome it by supporting comprehensive reform?