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Battle for the GOP’s Future: Conservative CIR Supporters Turn Up the Heat

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Despite all of the news coming out of Arizona and Republicans hoping to score political points with the harshest anti-immigrant bill in the country, other conservatives from around the country are beginning to step up to show that comprehensive immigration reform is in fact the right thing to do for their party and their country. The stakes in their fight against politicians like Russell Pearce and Tom Tancredo are high: will the Republican Party shut out the nation’s fastest-growing voter bloc by demagoguing immigrants, or welcome it by supporting comprehensive reform?

Last week, over 150 conservative and Evangelical grassroots leaders gathered on a conference call to discuss how to get the GOP to choose the latter. Moderator and political strategist Juan Hernandez and evangelical pastors explained on the call that reform fits conservative and Christian values; as Rev. Jim Tolle, who preaches to tens of thousands at the Church on the Way in Los Angeles, said (via the Salem News):

“We must not forget that Jesus himself was an immigrant, along with Joseph and Mary.”