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Make No Mistake: Whatever He Calls It, Donald Trump Supports Mass Deportation

His Deportation Force is Chilling and Un-American  This past weekend, Donald Trump objected to the media labeling the heart of his immigration policy “mass deportation.” He added, “people are going to find that I have not only the best policies, but I will have the biggest heart of anybody.” That statement would be laughable, if the reality wasn’t so chilling. … Continue reading »

Marco Rubio Is Not The Senator Florida Needs

This morning, Senator Marco Rubio announced his campaign for re-election with a statement that on paper reads well. He certainly captures the importance of this moment in time and the country’s need for principled and persuasive leaders in Congress. But, having flip-flopped on nearly every major issue in the past six years, Marco Rubio is clearly not … Continue reading »

“Shame, Shame, Not In Our Name”: LGBT Americans And Allies Protest Outside Trump Tower

Chanting “Shame, shame, not in our name,” a massive crowd of LGBT Americans and their allies protested outside Trump Tower in Manhattan yesterday. The protest targeted Donald Trump for despicably claiming “to be the best candidate for the LGBT community,” and trying “to divide LGBT people and Muslims, after the nation’s deadliest terror attack since 9/11,” … Continue reading »

Add Apple To The List Of Companies Dumping The GOP Convention Over Trump

Another one bites the dust? Politico reports Apple will not provide any financial or technical assistance to the GOP convention next month over Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric about immigrants, Muslim-Americans, and other groups: Unlike Facebook, Google and Microsoft, which have all said they will provide some support to the GOP event in Cleveland next month, Apple … Continue reading »

Republican National Convention Continues To Hemorrhage Sponsorships Over Trump

The upcoming GOP Convention faces even more turmoil as more companies announce they “are opting to drop or scale back their sponsorship” of the event this year. From Bloomberg: Among those to signal in recent days that they won’t sponsor the convention this year are Wells Fargo & Co., United Parcel Service Inc., Motorola Solutions … Continue reading »

Hey GOP, It’s Not Just Trump, It’s You

As RepublicanNativistConvention.Com Makes Clear, Broader GOP is Enabling Trump, With All Kinds of Negative Consequences Since his campaign announcement last year, Donald Trump has engaged in a fact-free, anti-immigrant campaign that feeds off of racial anxieties and peddles a dark vision of an America in decline. He has used the national spotlight to attack Latinos, … Continue reading »

As Republican Party Heads to Cleveland, New Website from America’s Voice Calls It What It Is: The Republican Nativist Convention

New Site Exposes Lawmakers Who Have Aligned With Trump, Chronicles Continued Trump-Inspired Acts of Hate For over a year, Donald Trump has used to the national spotlight to attack Latinos, immigrants and people of color—inspiring acts of violence and hate around the country. As the presumptive Republican nominee, he has doubled down on this rhetoric, … Continue reading »

Trump’s Year of Hate and the Backlash He’s Inspired

A year ago today, Donald Trump (R) descended an escalator in Trump Tower and announced his campaign for the U.S. presidency by spewing a mouthful of hate. As Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, reflects in a statement today: “Throughout the past year, Trump has made abjectly racist statements – calling Mexican immigrants ‘rapists;’ saying a U.S.-born … Continue reading »

Three Days After Orlando Tragedy, Donald Trump Descends on Greensboro Peddling Fear, Hate, and Division

Senator Burr and Governor McCrory Follow Trump Down the Rabbit Hole In the wake of the worst mass-shooting in American history, as the faces of the 49 men and women who were killed in Orlando make their way across social media, and the nation struggles to come to terms with the reality that their smiles, hopes, and … Continue reading »

Trump Descends to a New Level of Ugliness

It Started a Year Ago When Trump Descended That Escalator In the aftermath of the worst mass-shooting in American history, Donald Trump has, once again, proved himself dangerously unfit to lead. That he would use the worst mass-shooting in American history – an anti-LGBT hate crime in a supposedly safe space for the community – … Continue reading »