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“As A Nation, We Are Better Than Sending People Back To A War Zone”

Frank Sharry Reacts to Trump’s Call to Expel All Syrian Refugees Yesterday, while speaking in New Hampshire, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump reiterated his support for the inhumane 1950s mass deportation undertaking known as “Operation Wetback.” He also found new vulnerable targets to attack. Trump pledged that, as president, he would seek to expel all Syrian refugees: … Continue reading »

Trump Embraces “Operation Wetback” As Model For Mass Deportation

Anything but “Humane”  Donald Trump has mostly avoided answering any questions about how he would deport 11 million immigrants from the US. We tried to explain his plan in detail here. But he’s recently made it clear he intends to model it after one of the darkest moments in modern American history. In his recent interview with … Continue reading »

New “Trump Hate Map” Documents The Real Life Harassment of Latinos And Immigrants By Trump And His Supporters

Online Tool from America’s Voice Highlights the Ugly Consequences of the #TrumpEffect As we’ve noted previously, the Republican Party’s anti-immigrant rhetoric—with Donald Trump at the helm—is bleeding into civil society to a dangerous effect.  By making hateful statements and promoting radical policies, Trump has encouraged others to speak – and act – accordingly. A new map from … Continue reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: Trump’s Immigration Plan Would Require 211 Buses And 20 747 Planes Carrying 20,000 Immigrants Daily

Donald Trump has a plan to remove 11 million people from the United States in 18 months. If his plan were successful, it would be one of the worst global humanitarian atrocities in recent history: He will transport 611,111 per month 20,370 per day 14 people per minute around the clock Only 52% of the … Continue reading »

As Republicans Gather In Agriculture-Rich California, A Lesson From The Devastating Effects Of Alabama’s Anti-Immigrant HB 56

As Republican candidates descend on agriculture and immigrant-rich California for their second debate, you don’t have to wonder what kind of effects Donald Trump’s radical immigration “plan” would have on the state and elsewhere — all you have to do is look at Alabama. The draconian, Trump-style HB 56 — implemented in 2011 by state … Continue reading »

Ahead of Tonight’s Debate: Trump’s Un-American Ideas, Sharp Contrasts with Ronald Reagan, and the Threat of Long-Term Damage to the GOP

Ahead of tonight’s Republican presidential debate, a range of observers are echoing some of our key assessments about the role of immigration in the 2016 contest: the dangerous and radical notions advanced by Donald Trump; the contrasts between the current field and Ronald Reagan on immigration; and the long-term political blowback that the GOP will … Continue reading »

When GOP Hopefuls Descend On CA, Will They Pay Attention To Lessons Embodied By The State?

Ahead of Reagan Library Debate, Immigration and Labor Leaders Join Political Scientist to Discuss How CA Serves a Cautionary Tale for the National GOP Click here to listen to today’s recording. Tonight’s debate in California offers a reminder – a cautionary tale – for Republicans.  In 1994, California’s Governor Pete Wilson (R) pushed through the infamous … Continue reading »

TIMELINE: Trump’s Racial Demagoguery Is Having Dangerous, Real-Life Consequences

Racial demagoguery may be shameless political theater to Donald Trump and his Presidential campaign, but his words are having a dangerous, real-life effect. As Frank Sharry has noted, the emergence of white nationalist and neo-Nazi support for Trump shows “he is fostering a climate that demonizes and dehumanizes 55 million Latinos because of the way they … Continue reading »

Trump Affirms Policy Details For “Rounding Up” Immigrants

Says Deportation Of 11 Million Will Take 18-24 Months In a call last night with supporters,  GOP frontrunner Donald Trump revealed new details about his plan to deport over 11 million undocumented immigrants and an additional 4.5 million American citizens born to immigrant parents. In the call, Trump said that “with good management” the process should … Continue reading »

In Chicago, Sikh Man Brutally Assaulted, Told “Terrorist, Go Back To Your Country!”

Over the past few months, we’ve seen the “Trump Effect” have devastating effects on the Latino and immigrant communities. In Boston, an immigrant was beaten by men with a metal pipe. When they were finally arrested, one of them allegedly told police, “Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported.” Earlier this week, an … Continue reading »