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Jeb On “Anchor Babies” Remark: I Meant To Insult Asians, Not Latinos!

A visibly-irritated Jeb! Bush has at last clarified his controversial “anchor baby” remarks: I meant to insult Asians, not Latinos. Seriously: At a press conference on Monday in McAllen, Texas, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush hit back at reporter who challenged his use of the term “anchor babies” to describe U.S. citizen children of undocumented … Continue reading »

Oops: Jeb Bush Co-Chaired A Group That Specifically Told Republicans To Not Say “Anchor Baby”

The Trump Effect has done some scary things to Republican Presidential candidates who appeared eager to embrace immigrants just a few years ago. Case in point: Jeb Bush. The Republican has often been referred to as one of the GOP’s best hopes for Latino voters, embracing a path to citizenship in 2013, and last year famously saying that … Continue reading »

NCLR: Trump’s Dangerous Rhetoric “Has Put A Target Squarely On The Backs Of 55 million Hispanics”

Words have consequences. Look for proof positive no further than Boston, where last week two brothers assaulted a homeless Latino man sleeping near a subway station. The brothers terrorized the man with a metal pipe, breaking his nose and leaving him with serious bruising across his ribs. They finished their brutal assault in an act of humiliation, … Continue reading »

Toledo Blade Editorial On Immigration is Right, But Gov. Kasich’s Immigration Stance Deserves Further Scrutiny

The Toledo Blade has an editorial out today talking about how Donald Trump-style immigration policies are not just bad politics for the Republican Party, but also bad policy for the country as a whole.  As the editorial board writes: Despite Mr. Trump’s apocalyptic predictions, the number of undocumented immigrants in this country has largely stabilized, and there’s … Continue reading »

Citizens, Immigrants and Legal Experts Respond to GOP’s Support for Ending Birthright Citizenship

Bad Politics, Terrible Policy, and Disastrous for the Country  On a press call today, children of undocumented immigrants joined Ricardo Aca, DACA recipient who works at the Trump Hotel, and legal expert David Leopold, to respond to the latest stream of anti-immigrant demagoguery and unpack what ending “birthright citizenship” really means for politics and policy.  As Girsea Martinez, a … Continue reading »

“It’s All Fun And Games Until The Mass Roundups Begin”

Re Trump’s immigration plan: Conservative commentators raise red flags while GOP candidates raise white flags  As Donald Trump rises in the polls, conservative commentators are becoming alarmed, and not just about his impact on the 2016 race.  They are growing concerned that his ultra-nationalism and xenophobia threaten conservative ideals and American exceptionalism. After all, the … Continue reading »

A Trumpified Jeb Bush Says He Doesn’t Consider Derogatory “Anchor Baby” Term Offensive At All

Gone is the Jeb Bush who once said that undocumented immigrants come to the U.S. out of an “act of love” for their families. Instead, he’s been replaced by a Trumpified caricature who, earlier this week, followed in the footsteps of the Donald’s anti-immigrant extremism (call it the “Trump Effect”) and called the U.S. citizen children … Continue reading »

Trump Wants To Deport DACA Recipients Like Ricardo. Do Other GOP Candidates Agree?

We know where Donald Trump stands when it comes to Ricardo, a 24-year-old DACA-mented man who works at a restaurant in Manhattan’s Trump SoHo. Speaking of Ricardo, Trump told The New York Times, “He’s got a legal work permit. I’ve heard he does a good job.” But, Trump’s policy positions make one thing very clear: … Continue reading »

Are Bush And Rubio Catering To The Extreme Right-Wing Of The GOP? Without A Doubt.

As a Floridian, I am a little bit perplexed with the positions that Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio have adopted on immigration. It is especially concerning, when you take a closer look at both their previous positions on the issue, coupled with the fact that they both hail from a state that holds one of … Continue reading »

The Disturbing Side of the “Trump Effect”

Vicious Hate Crime in Boston; Iowa Radio Hosts Suggests Enslaving the Undocumented; GOP Candidates Move Further Right on Immigration For weeks we’ve been talking about the “Trump Effect,” and how Donald Trump’s racist, hard right positions have driven other GOP candidates to embrace similar policies. Now, it’s going a step further, moving from hateful rhetoric to hateful … Continue reading »