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Speaker Ryan’s DAPA Lawsuit Vote Latest Addition to GOP House’s Anti-Immigrant Hall of Shame

It’s Donald Trump’s party now as House Republicans, led by Speaker Paul Ryan, are set to vote on filing an amicus brief against President Obama’s immigration action as soon as Thursday. Speaker Ryan has himself called his move “a very extraordinary step,” and it’s confirmation that this lawsuit is nothing but pure politics from Republicans. … Continue reading »

What If Steve King Held An Event And No One Came (Again)

The notorious Steve King is in the middle of leading a House “task force” on so-called “executive overreach,” with the GOP-led hearing a reaction to the President exercising his authority on immigration (which Republicans refused to take up legislatively in the first place). Anyway, we managed to get our hands on some of the images from inside … Continue reading »

List of Shame: Republican Leaders Still Stand By Donald Trump Despite His Escalation Toward Violence

For months, violence toward people of color has followed Donald Trump where ever he has gone. Here at America’s Voice, we are tracking these instances of violence through our Trump Hate Map. Even Marco Rubio said that he is concerned someone could end up dead at the hands of Trump’s supporters. However, despite Donald Trump’s escalation toward … Continue reading »

Sadly, Trump Map Of Hate Is Growing

Leading Observers Wrestle with the Implications of Our New, Disturbing and Profoundly Sad Moment in Modern American Politics   To a degree unprecedented in modern American political history, Donald Trump and his campaign’s blend of nativism, demagoguery and authoritarianism have been bleeding into civil society and fostering a dangerous and dehumanizing climate. Last summer, we introduced … Continue reading »

Leading Voices Offer Reminder Why General Election Voters are Inhospitable to Trump and Trumpism

Republican and conservative resistance to the prospect of Donald Trump as the party’s nominee has been a major political storyline in recent weeks. Yet underappreciated is the extent to which the general electorate is already gearing up to stop a potential Trump candidacy. Below, we excerpt some recent pieces highlighting why general election voters – … Continue reading »

Following “Racists For Trump” Skit, Will SNL And NBC Finally Stop Mainstreaming Trump’s Hate?

There’s some serious confusion going on over at SNL and NBC. Last weekend, the comedy show debuted a “Racists For Trump” ad calling out the radical, bigoted stances of many of his supporters. “He says what I’m thinking,” a pleasant-seeming woman in the skit smiles into the camera, at the end revealing that the white … Continue reading »

Ted Cruz as GOP’s Trump Alternative? An Echo, Not a Choice, on Immigration

The Republican presidential contest appears to be winnowing down to a two-person race. As ABC News Political Director Rick Klein assesses, “With Chris Christie and Jeb Bush gone, and Marco Rubio and John Kasich left scrambling to win their home states, Republicans are facing the prospect of seeing Ted Cruz emerge as their main alternative to … Continue reading »

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich: Donald Trump Is A Fraud But We’ll Support Him For President Anyway

The headdesk moment of the Republican debate came thanks to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who spent most of the night attacking Donald Trump, then pledged to support him as the GOP’s nominee for President. John Kasich, who was a bit of an afterthought last night, also vowed to support him as the nominee. The endorsements from … Continue reading »

Republican Leaders Will Still Vote for Donald Trump Despite His Cozy Relationship with the KKK

With Donald Trump firmly in the GOP front-runner seat, some Republican candidates and elected officials are criticizing his cozy relationship with white nationalists, while admitting that they will nonetheless back him if he is the eventual nominee.  Republicans like Paul Ryan may not want to admit that they have become the Party of Trump, but that’s plain enough for all … Continue reading »