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Motel 6 “Leaves the Light On” — For ICE

Locations in Arizona notified immigration authorities about undocumented guests Motel 6 employees at two locations in Arizona were reporting undocumented guests to ICE, according to the Phoenix New Times, leading to the arrest of at least 20 people between February and August. A front-desk clerk who spoke to the New Times was chillingly blase about … Continue reading »

AG Jeff Sessions Continues His Bigoted Assault on American Justice

Sessions Should Be Stopped, Not Aided, by Congress Anti-immigrant hardliners in the Trump Administration, most notably Attorney General Jeff Sessions, are putting their policy agenda into overdrive. Fresh off his public role in announcing the end of the DACA program – an outcome he helped engineer with the coordination of state Attorneys General such as Texas AG … Continue reading »

Instead of Voting on the Dream Act, House GOP Pushes Bill to Scapegoat Immigrant Youth

Today on Capitol Hill, national organizations are delivering one million petition signatures to Congress demanding passage of a clean Dream Act. A legislative solution for Dreamers is overwhelmingly popular across ideologies and is increasingly urgent, with a pressing October 5th deadline facing a quarter of DACA beneficiaries. However, instead of moving the Dream Act forward, House Republicans are scheduling floor time for a … Continue reading »

In Wake of White Supremacist Violence in Charlottesville & Imminent Threats to DACA, CNC Launches New Resource to Expose Attacks on DACA from Anti-Immigrant Organizations with Deep Ties to Racist Extremists

(CHICAGO, IL) – The Center for New Community today launched Who’s Behind the Plot Against DACA, an online hub hosting exhaustive research exposing the deep ties between anti-immigrant organizations that have links to racist eugenics and forced sterilization efforts, including the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), NumbersUSA, and … Continue reading »

White Nationalists Want to End DACA; To Stop Them, We Must Protect Dreamers

If we want to oppose white nationalists like the one who came to Charlottesville, we should realize that what they want is to DACA, and stop them. A major member of Donald Trump’s administration — top economic adviser Gary Cohn, who is Jewish —  has finally spoken out against Trump’s chumminess with white nationalist and … Continue reading »

Ending DACA Is the Next Priority For Hate Groups With Influence Over The GOP

What’s next for hate groups after #UniteTheRight? Ending DACA. Just ask Mark Krikorian, the leader of a hate group called CIS who advocated for pulling the plug on DACA just days as the Charlottesville attack. In addition, Krikorian proposed trading the DREAM Act for a slew of anti-immigrant legislation. According to McClatchy, top White House officials, including Ivanka and Jared … Continue reading »

Haters Across the Country Are Starting to Realize that Americans Are Not With Them

Over the weekend, a right-wing “Free Speech Rally” demonstration in Boston ended early after attendees were dwarfed by literally 40,000 counter-protesters who turned out to demonstrate against hate. Check out this bird’s-eye view image of the 40,000: Tens of Thousands March Against White Supremacy in Boston & Other U.S. Cities — Democracy Now! … Continue reading »

Stephen Miller, While Defending Racist Immigration Bill at Press Conference, Cites Hate Group

The White House Press Briefing featured a surprise guest today – senior aide Stephen Miller, whom along with Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions is in charge of pushing policies that will make America white again. Miller was there to promote the RAISE Act, the bill introduced by Sens. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and David Perdue (R-GA) … Continue reading »

If It’s Anti-Immigrant (and Unconstitutional), Kris Kobach Probably Had a Hand in It

Kris Kobach is one of the most influential people you’d probably never heard of, especially on immigration. On paper, he’s the Kansas Secretary of State, contender for the 2018 Kansas gubernatorial election, and Vice Chair of Donald Trump’s Commission on Election “Integrity”. But behind the scenes, he’s been the architect of anti-immigrant state and city … Continue reading »

CNN: MS-13 Members Say Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Helps Gangs

Donald Trump spoke about MS-13 today in Long Island, following in the footsteps of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has also recently used the specter of gang violence in New York to bolster his hardline agenda. Trump’s speech today promoted police brutality, claimed that immigration has led to “drugs, gangs, and violence”, and applauded “rough … Continue reading »