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Must-Read News on Immigration, June 13, 2013

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TIME: Chuck Schumer and the Art of the Deal
By Alex Altman

ABC/Univision: Inside the Amendment That Could Threaten Immigration Bill
By Jordan Fabian

The Atlantic: On Immigration, Rubio Is Good for the GOP, Cruz and Sessions Are a Drag
By Garance Franke-Ruta

Voxxi: How lawmakers speak about immigration reform impacts party’s image
By Griselda Nevarez

Opposing Views: Marco Rubio Adds English Language Requirement To Immigration Reform Bill
By Emily Smith

New York Times: Immigration Amendments Reflect Concern About Border Security
By Julia Preston and Ashley Parker

Washington Post: For conservative Republicans, immigration becoming a political balancing act
By David Nakamura

Los Angeles Times: Amendments to immigration overhaul bill stall in Senate
By Lisa Moscaro

Politico: Sen. Jeff Sessions blocking first immigration votes
By Burgess Everett

Washington Post: Kirk withholding support for immigration bill over border security
By Aaron Blake

Washington Post: Sen. Rand Paul offers border security amendment to Senate immigration bill
By David Nakamura

Wall Street Journal: Rand Paul ‘Not Yet Ready’ to Back Immigration Bill
By Kristina Peterson

CNBC: Sen. Graham: No Budget Deal If We Fail to Pass Immigration
By Elizabeth Schulze

Wall Street Journal: Immigration-Bill Supporters Court GOP
By Sara Murray

Dallas Morning News: Gang of 8 member sees Cornyn ‘in play’ on immigration reform
By Todd Gillman

Huffington Post: John Cornyn Immigration Reform Amendment Decried As ‘Poison Pill’
By Elise Foley

The Hill: McCain defends border security provisions within Gang of Eight bill
By Ramsey Cox

Politico: Gang of Eight seeks alternative to John Cornyn amendment
By Carrie Budoff Brown and Seung Min Kim

Politico: Harry Reid warns GOP on border security
By Burgess Everett

Talking Points Memo: Schumer: Cornyn Border Security Amendment A ‘Non-Starter’ And We Are Not Negotiating With Him
By Brian Beutler

The Hill: Dems: GOP will pay if immigration reform fails
By Alexander Bolton

Wall Street Journal: Hatch, Rubio Offer Immigration Amendments
By Sara Murray

Salt Lake Tribune: Hatch warns Dems not to ‘stiff’ him on immigration
By Matt Canham

Reuters: Cuban-American Democrat is Rubio counterweight on immigration
By Caren Bohan

Dallas Morning News: Laying odds on immigration bill’s future
By Carl Leubsdorf

The Atlantic: Conservatives on Immigration: Reformers in Name Only?
By Molly Ball

National Journal: Republicans Walk Immigration Tightrope
By Reid Wilson

Daily Beast: ‘We’re in Trouble’ If Immigration Bill Doesn’t Rack Up 70 Votes
By Patricia Murphy

Politico: House leaders play small ball on immigration reform
By Jake Sherman and Seung Min Kim

National Journal: Labrador Decides Against Comprehensive Bill, Opts for Series of Immigration Measures
By Rebecca Kaplan

ABC News: Boehner Calls Immigration Overhaul ‘Important Project’
By John Parkinson

Yahoo News: Paul Ryan: ‘I will debate anybody’ who says immigration bill is ‘amnesty’
By Chris Moody

Politico: Polls: Huge support for immigration reform
By Alexander Burns

Huffington Post: Immigration Reform Supporters Call To Halt Deportations
By Danielle Schalnger

ABC/Univision: Should We Deport Future Citizens?
By Ted Hesson

USA Today: Immigration overhaul backers dominate on ad spending
By Susan Page

Reuters: Silicon Valley intensifies lobbying on immigration bill
By Rachelle Younglai and Caren Bohan

Huffington Post: White House Pushes Immigration Reform By Highlighting Own Staffers (VIDEO)
By Gabrielle Dunkley

New York Times: Immigration Costs Are Overstated, Study Finds
By David Jolly

New York Times: Cesar Chavez Film to Avoid Immigration Debate
By Michael Cieply

Huffington Post (Blog): House Republicans: What Happened? You Were Doing So Well
By Rep. Luis Gutierrez

Los Angeles Times (Opinion): Sen. Sessions’ do-nothing solution on immigration [Blowback]
By Raul Reyes

Dallas Morning News (Blog): I’d sure hate to be the person in charge of making John Cornyn’s border security ideas work
By Bill McKenzie

Miami Herald (Opinion): Marco Rubio’s Rubik’s Cube on immigration
By Joy-Ann Reid

Huffington Post (Blog): An Immigrant’s Life, Defined
By Tolu Olubunmi