For the fourth time this summer, Donald Trump is going to find his hate walled in yet again. Designers David Haggerty and James Cazzoli are raising $60,000 in order to build a 200-foot sandbag “wall” at West 59th Street and the Avenue of the Americas, just blocks from Trump... Continue »
Hundreds of protesters representing a coalition of diversity — including immigration advocates, members of Black Lives Matter, Muslim-Americans, and women’s rights advocates — trumped Donald Trump’s hatred in Toledo, Ohio yesterday. Waving signs reading “Toledo Trumps Hate,” “Make Toledo Great Again, Please Leave,” and “End Racism,” the activists flooded... Continue »
By Maribel Hastings and David Torres: With the chant “We are here and we’re not leaving; if you want a wall, we’ll give you a wall,” immigrants and pro-immigrant activists deployed an “anti-Donald Trump wall” made of fabric in the protest zone at Public Square and then through the... Continue »
Yesterday, a coalition of hundreds of activists locked arm-in-arm erected a human “wall” outside the Quickens Loan Arena in Cleveland, the site of this year’s Republican National Convention. With messages of “Wall Off Trump,” “No Papers, No Fear,” “We Are The Immigrants, Mighty Mighty Immigrants” on their “wall banners,”... Continue »
A wall was erected in Colorado during Donald Trump’s visit to the state earlier this month — but it’s definitely not the kind the presumptive Republican nominee has proposed. ProgressNow, Strong Colorado and over two dozen local groups joined forces to build a nine-foot-tall wall out of cardboard boxes... Continue »